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Joseph Sheehey

524: The Life-Changing Benefits of CBD and THC with Joseph Sheehey

In this episode, you’ll learn first-hand about our experiences and the life-altering impact CURED Nutrition can have. We also go over the different types of CBD and THC and how to decide which one might be right and safe for you. You’ll see how adding them to your daily routine might help you excel, boost your overall well-being, and turn you into a stronger, healthier version of yourself.

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Scott Donnell

522: How to Teach Your Kids About Money with Scott Donnell

How fulfilling would your life be as a parent to watch your kids grow up and become successful and responsible adults and positively impact others? One big piece of the puzzle is teaching them to be savvy with their money. And since schools aren’t teaching our kids about money, it’s up to us to kick-start that journey.

Today, Scott Donell is sharing invaluable insights on making money management fun and effective for our kids.

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Jon Berghoff

520: The Superpower of Our Time with Jon Berghoff

In this episode, Jon shares his approach to finding your purpose and how that drives success and creates positive ripple effects in the world around you. Jon also lays out his roadmap to becoming a leader who can elevate the performance of any human system – be it a business, a team, or a community.

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Noah Kagan

519: Million Dollar Weekend with Noah Kagan

Today, you’ll learn what it takes to make that daunting first step that trips up so many people. Noah even breaks down how to test drive your dream in 48 hours to see if it can be profitable and then maps out how to turn that ambitious idea into a million-dollar venture.

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Jon Gordon

518: The ONE Truth with Jon Gordon

In today’s episode, Jon shares a powerful mindset shift that will transform how you approach your day-to-day existence.

Instead of being overwhelmed by fear and anxiety, Jon teaches us how to take control of our story, becoming proactive heroes in our own lives. You’ll learn how to actively engage with the world, replacing passivity and loneliness with purposeful action and meaningful connections.

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Ulrich Dempfle

517: The Fastest Way to Get Fit in 2024 with Ulrich Dempfle

I’ve been loving the workout so much that today I’m bringing on the CEO and co-founder of CAROL Bike, Ulrich Dempfle, for a fascinating conversation about the science behind REHIIT technology.

You’ll learn the #1 reason why 95% of Americans are at risk for cardiovascular disease, how REHIIT training can add years to your, and why I’m absolutely hooked!

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Cultivate Miracle Mindset

516: How to Cultivate Your Miracle Mindset

The #1 topic that 78.2% of our beautiful community is looking for help with in 2024 is mindset. (mental and emotional well-being)

So today, not only will I share the results from the survey, but I’ll also outline the seven (7) attributes and three (3) strategies to cultivate your miracle mindset.

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