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Alignment with What Matters Most

489: An Invitation to Reconsider Your Priorities: How to Live in Alignment with What Matters Most

What’s the one thing you can accomplish that’ll make you say, “Wow, I lived an extraordinary life.” when you look back decades from now?

For many, that question isn’t easy to answer. And if you’re nodding along, today’s episode is exactly what you need. I share my personal strategy that helped me discover what truly sets my soul on fire and inspired me to be the best version of myself.

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Hal Elrod - Positive Thinking

487: A New Perspective on Positive Thinking

In this solo episode, I’ll let you in on the practices that will help you turn your mindset around. From feeling like the world’s against you, to seeing life in a more positive light. This concept may sound simple, but trust me, it’s a game-changer – and it’s something we need to remind ourselves of every day.

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Manage your money

485: How to Manage Your Money in a Recession

So today, I’ll show you how I freed myself from debt and doubled my income at the height of that recession using the exact strategy I’ll share with you today.

I’ll introduce you to the concept of the six accounts method – a unique strategy that allows you to enjoy your money while it grows. Now you might ask yourself, “Hal, why would I possibly need six accounts?” It may sound intimidating, but I promise, it’s the simplest money management strategy you’ll ever learn.

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My Life Growing Up

484: What My Life Was Like Growing Up

We’re changing things up a bit today as I had the pleasure of being on the inspirational Gravity podcast with Brett Kaufman. I’m sharing everything from my early childhood struggles to the life-threatening hurdles that shaped me into the person I am today.

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