Why Cultivating Inner Peace Is a Must

How have you been feeling? I’ve spent the last week feeling extremely sad, deeply concerned, and a bit paralyzed, wanting to help but not sure what to do. I’m finally reaching out to help you in the way that I best know how.

I really hope you’ll take the time to read this blog post. In it, I’m sharing an incredibly helpful passage I came across on why it’s crucial (and NOT selfish) for us to cultivate inner peace, and then adding my thoughts on how we can implement it.

I’m also giving you a guided Miracle Morning “Heart Healer” meditation track that I asked Lucy Osborne to record specifically to help us deal with what’s going on in the world right now. It’s designed to help you cultivate peace within yourself.

Back in March of 2020, it occurred to me how much was going on the world that was out of my (our) control. And I realized that when we focus our energy on that which is out of our control, we feel out of control.

Feeling out of control perpetuates states of stress, fear, anxiety, and varying levels of depression—none of which change the things we’re concerned about, and all of which create self-imposed inner turmoil that is detrimental for us, our loved ones, and the collective.

So, what should we be focusing on?

Cultivating inner peace.

In the words of Father Jacques Philippe, from the book
Searching for and Maintaining Peace:

“The search for inner peace could seem quite egotistical to some people. How can we propose this is one of the principal goals of our efforts, when there is so much suffering and misery in the world?

To do this, we must first realize that the peace of which we speak has nothing to do with any type of impassivity, extinction of sensitivity, cold indifference, or being wrapped up in oneself.

On the contrary, it is the necessary corollary of love, of true sensitivity to the suffering of others, and of an authentic compassion. Because only this piece of heart truly liberates us from ourselves, increases our sensitivity to others, and renders us available to our fellow man.

Only one who possesses this interior peace can efficaciously help his neighbor. How can I communicate this peace to others, if I myself do not have it? How can there be peace in families, in societies, between individual people, if there is no peace first in peoples’ hearts?

Acquiring and maintaining inner peace, which is impossible without prayer, should consequently be considered a priority for everybody, above all for those who claim to want to do good for their neighbor. Otherwise, more often than not, they would simply be communicating their own restlessness and distress.”

I’ll end by reminding us that cultivating inner peace is an ongoing commitment that we must focus on implementing each day, and your Miracle Morning is exactly the practice that enables you to do that.

From my vantage point, what we must do is focus on cultivating our inner peace so that we can show up at our best each day for ourselves, for those we love, and those we lead.

Pray. Meditate. Journal. Read. (Again, the book this passage is from is titled “Searching for and Maintaining Peace.”) And affirm that you can handle anything that comes your way.

When life feels overwhelming, take a deep breath and remember:

One thought at a time.
One task at a time.
One day at a time.


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