Episode 150: Learn the Nighttime Routine of a Top 100 Most Influential Person

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“Success is Fleeting…Significant is Intrinsic.”

Todd Durkin

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Todd Durkin is an internationally recognized performance coach, author, and speaker. His gym, Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego, was named a top ten gym by Men’s Health.

Todd trains many NFL and major league baseball superstars as well as MMA. He’s the lead trainer for Under Armour, and was a finalist on the hit show “NBC Strong.” His second book, The Wow Book: 52 Ways to Motivate Your Mind, Inspire Your Soul & Create WOW in Your Life! is available now on Amazon.

Todd joins us today to discuss his approach for helping top athletes to achieve extraordinary goals, and reveals the “Night Time Routine” for high performance.

[01:12] About our guest, Todd Durkin

[03:50] The defining goal that changed everything

[06:00] Sports commitment and applying it to all goals

[08:15] Optimizing opportunities

[09:54] Facing adversity – what do you do when your dream is crushed?

[13:10] The importance of showing gratitude and the value of time

[15:55] The Durkin definition of success

[19:54] Todd’s Morning Routine

[23:08] His night time routine

[25:00] Being lasered in and “the yen”

[27:00] The story behind The Wow Book

[32:41] Nutrition and the effect your health has on all aspects of your life

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