Jesse Elder

372: How to Choose Freedom, Joy, and Expansion with Jesse Elder

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"The greatest gift that anybody can give is truly the gift of their presence, the gift of their joy, the gift of their happiness, the gift of their own well-being."

Jesse Elder

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Today’s guest has touched the hearts and minds of millions of people worldwide, helping them to upgrade their lives with his teachings of self-mastery, radical self-acceptance, and inspired action.

I’m referring to my good friend, and one of the most enlightened individuals I’ve ever met, Jesse Elder. 

Jesse is a speaker, mentor, entrepreneur, and all around lover of life. In our unscripted and uncensored conversation today, Jesse and I touch on a variety of topics, including the balance between ambition and happiness, why you don’t have to wait to experience freedom and joy, dealing with negative opinions, preparing for disasters, and much more. 

If you want to better understand how you can expand your life (not out of fear) and experience more freedom and joy, this episode is for you!


  • Why it’s so hard to make a difference in the world if you’re not having fun.
  • Why people who focus their energy on producing amazing free content break Jesse’s heart.
  • The difference between rejection and refusal – and why the responses you get from people often have nothing to do with you personally.
  • How being curious and hungry can bring out curiosity and hunger in others.
  • The value of being prepared for disasters, war, and power outages – and why it’s important to be “aware, but not afraid” and “prepared, but not paranoid.”
  • Why Jesse sees his life as indestructible.


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