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"With every adversity comes an equal or greater opportunity, and right now, that opportunity is to love each other, like we've never loved each other."

Hal Elrod

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I’m not sure if our world has ever been this divided. From my vantage point, I’ve never seen so much judgement, condemnation, hatred, and vitriol toward one another, especially between people of different belief systems. 

The reality is that we’re all human beings. We’re all part of the human family, and no matter how our beliefs might differ from one another, we’re all a lot more alike than we are different. We all want to be happy, to be healthy, to have freedom, to feel safe, and to feel respected.

Inspired by a Facebook Live session I did last week, today’s episode is about the consequences of judging and condemning others, the power of unconditional love (and why it’s not the same thing as tolerating harmful or abusive behavior), and how this radical gesture has the power to help us heal the world.


  • The consequences of judging others based on your own life experiences.
  • Why human beings have so much more in common than we do differences.
  • How unconditional love can heal the world, beginning with healing yourself. 
  • How do you love someone who has wronged you? 
  • Trading in your judgement for empathy.
  • The difference between blame and responsibility. 
  • What it means to be part of a human family.
  • Why putting labels on people makes it impossible to appreciate, respect, or love them.


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