531: How to Uplevel Your Miracle Mornings with Josh Eidenberg

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Josh Eidenberg

Whether you’re new to the Miracle Morning or you’ve been practicing it for years, there’s always something new to learn and ways to improve. That’s why I’m thrilled to introduce you to today’s guest, longtime Miracle Morning practitioner and creator of The Miracle Morning App—Josh Eidenberg. Josh has been perfecting his Miracle Morning for nearly a decade.

In today’s episode, Josh talks about his favorite strategies for taking your Miracle Mornings to the next level. He shares how adding breathwork has revitalized his routine and how choosing the right music can set the right tone for the entire day.

If you ever miss a day or don’t quite hit the mark with your Miracle Morning, Josh has tips on how to get back on track. One easy way is to get your partner involved and support each other on your Miracle Morning journeys, which enhances the experience for both of you. You’ll also get a peek behind the scenes at the development of The Miracle Morning app and discover how to get the most out of it.




  • How your food choices affect your Miracle Mornings
  • Getting back on track after falling off the wagon with your Miracle Morning routine
  • Tips on spicing up your Miracle Morning with music and breathwork
  • The quality of your thoughts dictates the quality of your outcomes in life
  • Supporting your partner’s Miracle Morning journey




“I can take everything that I'm doing already in my life that has been so blessed and that I'm so grateful for and take it to the highest, highest, highest level possible by waking up in the morning and starting my day with so much intention.”

“The amount of time that you put into your morning routine will determine the quality of life that you have during the day, the week, the month, the year in your life.”



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Hal Elrod: Welcome to the Achieve Your Goals podcast. This is your host, Hal Elrod. And today you are in for a treat. I say that occasionally and today I mean it. This is such a special conversation. It’s long overdue with Josh Eidenberg. Josh Eidenberg is the creator of the Miracle Morning app. He’s the owner of Future Proof. He has become a very close friend of mine. He happens to be engaged to the one and only Brianna Greenspan, our Head of Education for the Miracle Morning. And Josh passionately crafts health and wellness apps to improve lives. With balanced creativity, he aims to inspire self-love and global harmony. Beyond work, he enjoys yoga, nature photography, and philanthropy. And today, as someone who is really a master of the Miracle Morning, he’s been practicing the Miracle Morning every day for eight years. He happens to be engaged again to Brianna, who’s like the OG Miracle Morning practitioner since I taught it to her in 2008 when I was coaching her. And she’s been doing it for 15-plus years now. And her and Josh do it together.

And today you’re going to hear about Josh’s journey to the Miracle Morning, how he applies the SAVERS, how he and Brianna do it as a couple, his favorite tips and tricks and advanced techniques to the SAVERS, and the Miracle Morning. Wait until you hear about how he incorporates breathwork. And he’s become a master at breathwork as well. And toward the end of the podcast, we talk about the Miracle Morning app and how you get the most out of that but that really is a very small part of the conversation today. And if you’re a Miracle Morning practitioner or if you’re not, but especially if you are, I think you’re going to love getting to know Josh Eidenberg and hearing his best practices to take your Miracle Morning and your SAVERS to the next level.

Before we dive in, I want to take just a minute now, probably two minutes to thank our two sponsors that are bringing you this podcast today. Without their support, I would not be able to do the podcast because producing it does cost a good amount of money. But our first sponsor is Organifi. Organifi has been my sponsor since the very beginning. They make the world’s finest or healthiest organic whole foods supplements to help you from everything, increasing energy, improving your workout, building muscle mass, losing weight, dealing with stress and anxiety, sleeping better at night. If any of those are issues or things you aspire to, head over to Organifi.com/Hal and use the discount code ‘HAL’ for 20% off your entire order as a listener and a thank you for being a listener of the Achieve Your Goals podcast.

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All right. Goal achievers, let’s learn from a Miracle Morning master with the creator of the Miracle Morning app, my good friend, the one and only, Mr. Josh Eidenberg.


Hal Elrod: Josh, you are like the secret weapon of the Miracle Morning movement and very few people, this is like your coming out party, kind of, like very few people know who you are because you’re behind the scenes, though you in the last three years have arguably made as big of an impact on the Miracle Morning mission, the impact it’s making in the world more than anyone else. You’ve worked countless hours, probably literally thousands of hours. So, where I want to start is why. Like, why are you so dedicated to this mission of elevating human consciousness one morning at a time by sharing the Miracle Morning? Go.

Josh Eidenberg: Wow, what an amazing way to start a podcast. Okay.

Hal Elrod: There you go, man.

Josh Eidenberg: Let’s just jump right in. So, I mean, the Miracle Morning was my first introduction to personal growth and development. I really didn’t know who I was, Hal, before I read your book. I was just like, I thought life was about having the most fun and doing the most things. And I had lots of friends and lots of activities. As a solopreneur, I was pretty much living life every single day how I wanted. And then when I discovered the Miracle Morning, I realized I don’t even know who I am. I don’t even know who I am and what life is about and where I’m going. I was just kind of like always living in the present moment.

Hal Elrod: And you were how old at that point?

Josh Eidenberg: Yeah. I was 26. I’m 34 now. So, eight years. And it was really just such an eye-opening experience of like, “Whoa.” I can take everything that I’m doing already in my life that has been so blessed and that I’m so grateful for and take it to like the highest, highest, highest level possible by waking up in the morning and starting my day with so much intention, so much positivity, energizing my cells, activating my cells, oxygenating my cells, and really just getting myself into a peak performance state where anything that I would put in my mind, anything that I would see, anything that I would be able to feel in my bones like before I knew it, reality started to click and things started to happen.

And it was really just amazing. I mean, I can go on and on and on about my experience with Miracle Morning and why this matters to the world, but ultimately I’m a living example that I’m living my best life, and I feel so amazing each and every day. And I’m so grateful and I’m so blessed because I have the tools to navigate through everyday life. And it’s a crazy world. And I’m not crazy, Hal. And I have you to thank for that. And I have Brianna to thank for that.

Hal Elrod: Yeah. For anyone that doesn’t know when you say Brianna, many people in the Miracle Morning community know of Brianna Greenspan, the Director of Education that happens to be your Brianna, man. Talk for a second about… In fact, you’ve told me that story before. I’d love for you to share that, how you and Brianna like when was the moment that y’all realized that you both did the Miracle Morning that Brianna had been with me since the beginning? Like, how did that play out?

Josh Eidenberg: So, I’ve been thinking about leading up to this podcast like how I found the book and I actually don’t know how I found it, but I had the book before I met Brianna. And then I’ll just be straight up with you, guys. One night we slept together. We woke up together. And she’s like, “Your Miracle Morning kind of sucks.”

Hal Elrod: Haha! Nice.

Josh Eidenberg: And I’m like, “Tell me more.” And she’s like, “Well, I wrote a book called The Miracle Morning: Art of Affirmations,” and she showed me all these amazing pro tips and everything. And like, for me, I was still a night owl that did the Miracle Morning. So, it wasn’t for me about getting up and having a whole morning routine before 8:00 AM, like the book says. It was really just about having a great morning routine, whenever it is that I woke up because I didn’t work…

Hal Elrod: That’d be partying until like 2 a.m.

Josh Eidenberg: Not even necessarily partying until 2 a.m. but just like up working, doing whatever I wanted. I was a night owl. I thought that all of my ideas and creativity came about when everybody else was sleeping at night.

Hal Elrod: Got it.

Josh Eidenberg: And then she told me that, “It’s really nice to see a sunrise.” And I’m like, “I don’t think I’ve seen more than ten sunrises in my whole life.”

Hal Elrod: Wow.

Josh Eidenberg: So, first of all, I was like, “Let’s get up and see a sunrise, and let our eyes feed off of the sun.” It’s really energizing to just look at the sun as the sun is rising. It’s something that I had no idea about. And then from there like the Miracle Morning kicked off with the sunrise, and I never felt so much energy before. So, it was amazing to… As Brianna and I grew together, our Miracle Morning practice grew together and consistently got better and better and new tools and so many things, so.

Hal Elrod: Talk about that. You mentioned grew together. Do you and Brie, or have you, like what’s your journey been like in terms of as a couple doing the Miracle Morning? Do y’all do it ever together? Is it separate? Are there parts you do together? I know a lot of our listeners and, I mean, even I’m personally curious.

Josh Eidenberg: Yeah. We like to pray together in the morning. We like to go for a walk, take our new dog, Lola, for a walk, and really just talk about like what were the gains from yesterday. What are the top three wins that we’re looking to achieve today? And really just having a conversation on how we can support each other and we’ll maybe do some breath work while walking or some affirmations while walking or we’ll be sharing about what we already read or will be. Even just listening to a podcast or an audiobook together on our walk. And sometimes, as a matter of fact, a lot of times I do the Miracle Morning by myself, and she does it by herself.

A lot of times I wake up and she’s like, “I already did four of the six SAVERS by the time that you woke up.” We’re still trying to get aligned on sleeping schedule and she travels a lot. And I’ve done a lot of travel recently, so I feel like I get stuck in a bunch of different time zones, so it’s tricky but, yeah, there are so many possibilities to do a Miracle Morning with your significant other, with your kids, with your family. And it’s really fun and exciting when we do so.

Hal Elrod: Yeah. And to your point, though, you mentioned you do a lot of Miracle Mornings by yourself and so does Brie. And I’m the same way like the fantasy is better than the reality where I’m like, “Sweetheart,” to my wife, “We should do Miracle Morning together.” And then on the days where she’ll come out and be like, “I’m here,” I’m like, “Oh, I’m in the middle of my Miracle Morning.” To me, there is an element of solitude that is really valuable during the Miracle Morning. So, in some ways, people are like, “How do you get your spouse do the Miracle Morning with you?” I go, “Eh, it can be overrated.” And I think there are elements where like doing your own Miracle Morning, doing your own SAVERS, and then coming together after you’re already in a peak state, right? And then going for that walk, listening to an audiobook, right? So, to me, it’s a hybrid approach versus like black and white.

Josh Eidenberg: 100%. There are times where I jump into spending time with Brianna, and I haven’t done any of the SAVERS yet. And I’m like, I feel off.

Hal Elrod: Yeah. Yeah.

Josh Eidenberg: And it’s because she might be three or four SAVERS ahead of me and we’re just not aligned, right? So, it’s really and I recognize this. It’s really important for me to at least get a few of the SAVERS done before I interact with any other humans. And you notice the difference of like if you just jump into work without doing the Miracle Morning, you jump into normal, like everyday routine, and you’ve missed a couple of the SAVERS that you normally do, things don’t feel right at all. I’m sure you’ve experienced that. Everyone probably thinks that you have perfect Miracle Mornings, but I’m guessing that you don’t know.

Hal Elrod: No. And right now, I’m in a phase where I have and I think you know this but I’m working on the Miracle Morning for Seniors right now, and the final manuscript is due in a couple of weeks to the publisher, and I feel like I’m way behind. And so, basically, right now my Miracle Morning is I’ve kind of cut it out. And like, basically, it’s normally an hour of the Miracle Morning and then an hour of writing. And right now, I’m just like, I got to do two hours writing. But I end up almost always cutting into the writing. I’m like, “I need at least like ten minutes to do a 10-minute or 6-minute SAVERS.” Because, yeah, without it, once you’ve experienced the benefit then not having it, you’re missing out on those benefits.

Josh Eidenberg: Let’s be honest, in the last seven days, your Miracle Morning routine on a scale of 1 to 10, how is it right now?

Hal Elrod: I mean, based on what I just said, it’s been like a five.

Josh Eidenberg: Five?

Hal Elrod: Yeah, yeah, it’s been okay but it’s been inconsistent. And in some mornings I’m just doing a little reading or whatever. I’d love to hear having done the Miracle Morning you said now for eight years, what are the most significant changes that you’ve noticed in your life, in your mindset, your overall routine outside of just the morning? What are the biggest changes?

Josh Eidenberg: Yeah. I mean, so I really like to talk about the mission, right? The mission has been to elevate the consciousness of humanity. Right? That’s the Miracle Morning mission and I finally fully understand what that means.

Hal Elrod: Do tell because I think everybody’s wondering like, what does that mean?

Josh Eidenberg: Yeah. Because like I really, truly feel that I’m living that and, obviously, there’s levels. If you look at David Hawkins’ Power vs. Force and the Map of Consciousness, there’s levels that we can go up and there are certain times that we go down. But like, ultimately, I feel like I have a consciousness. I have like consciousness lenses on and I think there are so many different areas in which we can elevate our consciousness. For me, what I’ve noticed that has been the most important, aside from having a kick-ass morning routine, is the food that I eat.

Hal Elrod: Preach it. Preach it.

Josh Eidenberg: Yeah. You and I resonate with I know like we’ve been in a hotel…

Hal Elrod: I was just going to say that, man. When I roomed with you and you start pulling out all these healthy snacks, I’m like, “Oh my God, Josh, we’re like twins, dude.” I’m like, “Let me show you mine.” We’re comparing healthy snacks.

Josh Eidenberg: I think I brought a blender.

Hal Elrod: Yeah. And your own smoothie packets. That’s right. I was like, “Oh, dude, you’re like, next level. I got to level up.” Yeah.

Josh Eidenberg: So, yeah, I’ve realized that like when I started doing the Miracle Morning and I was eating just whatever it was that I was eating, which is what I’ve been eating my whole life, which was anything that I wanted to eat that was delicious as long as I didn’t get fat.

Hal Elrod: Yeah.

Josh Eidenberg: And if I didn’t get fat, I thought that I was healthy. If as long as I’m working out and I’m at the gym and people say you look good, I’m like, “I look good. I must feel good.” And with the Miracle Morning, obviously, you start to feel even better. And I think what naturally happened as I started doing the Miracle Morning was I started to become more aware of what does it look like to get to higher states? What does it look like to get to peak state? What does it look like to perform at my best? I often tell little kids that eat a lot of sugar as I’m a recovering sugarholic, “Do you know what I…” like I get down really low and, “Do you know what happens when you put sugar in a Ferrari?” And they’re like, “What?”

And I’m like, “Can you google it or ChatGPT it?” And they like google it and they’re like nothing came up. I’m like, “All right, fine. Try what happens if you put sugar in a car?” And they’re like reading the description that says something along the lines of like, “It will not perform well.” And then I’m like, “Well, what do you think that means every time you eat so much sugar? That means it won’t perform well.” And like, “Ah!” and they’re like they kind of get the idea. So, ultimately, I started to realize that the foods that I was putting in my body were keeping me at a low level of consciousness despite doing the Miracle Morning. And as soon as I started to, I did this program called the Whole30. Have you ever heard of the Whole30?

Hal Elrod: I remember you and Brianna doing it. Yeah.

Josh Eidenberg: Yeah. Probably some of you have never heard of Whole30. You might notice that on certain products and packages, there’s a label there, non-GMO that says Whole30. So, Brianna said to me, she’s like, “Josh, you want to do this Whole30 food program?” And I’m like, “What is it?” She’s like, “I don’t know, but I was told it will elevate our consciousness.”

Hal Elrod: Nice.

Josh Eidenberg: I’m like I’m in. It wasn’t about losing weight or anything like that. It was just she said it would elevate our consciousness and like, “All right. Let’s find out the details, and let’s do it.” And the Whole30 is no sugar, no dairy, no grains, no soy, no legumes, no alcohol. I don’t think I missed anything. That’s a lot of nos.

Hal Elrod: Yeah. Yeah.

Josh Eidenberg: That’s a lot of nos for somebody that ate everything his whole life, right?

Hal Elrod: Yeah.

Josh Eidenberg: So, we decided to commit to that. We actually did it with a group of people and there were like Zoom calls and everything.

Hal Elrod: So, support and accountability. Okay, I like it.

Josh Eidenberg: Yeah. We had support and accountability with it. And Brianna and I were doing it together, which was super helpful. And we went to the grocery store. And when you are now on like an extreme elimination diet, right, you are forced for the first time in your life to not just look at the front of the package but the back. Right? You have to look at the back because you’re chasing, is there sugar? Is there dairy? Is there this? And I had this aha moment that sugar is in everything. There’s some sort of form of sugar—

Hal Elrod: In almost everything, yeah.

Josh Eidenberg: —of some kind in every single product in the grocery store minus the produce section and a couple of products that you and I have discovered.

Hal Elrod: I want to interject really quick because I am Mr., oh, ever since cancer especially, turn it over, what’s actually in it. Not, “Oh, on the front it says healthy and blah, blah.” Know what’s in it. The barbecue sauce. No, no. Sorry. My daughter made like a can of baked beans that we had left over from a barbecue. And I’m like, I always turn it around and I go, “Sweetheart, you’re eating half of the can right now. There are 99 grams of sugar in this can. You’re eating 50 grams of sugar in those beans right now.”

Josh Eidenberg: Just eating beans. She’s just eating…

Hal Elrod: Yeah. She thinks she’s eating beans. Yeah.

Josh Eidenberg: So, first of all, that’s so much sugar. And so, thank you for sharing that because what I realized was I only thought that I was eating sugar when I was eating sugar.

Hal Elrod: Interesting.

Josh Eidenberg: It’s like when I’m drinking soda or I’m eating sweets, or I’m having ice cream, whatever it was. And then I realized that sugar is in every single thing that I put on my food. It’s in my salad.

Hal Elrod: Barbecue sauce, ketchup. Yeah.

Josh Eidenberg: It’s literally everywhere. So, then I started, well, we’ll get to that. So, we realized there wasn’t like the grocery stores have just been getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger.

Hal Elrod: Yeah.

Josh Eidenberg: Right? And the amount of products that are having more and more and more and more and more sugar, and we realized that the only place that we could really shop in the grocery store was fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, spices. Even some of the spices have sugar in them, so you got to watch out for that. And then anything that had a Whole30-approved label on it, plus the fish and the proteins and everything like that, like real food was basically what I was being told to eat. And that was like a huge eye-opener for me. So, long story short, we got to day 20, and I was like higher than a kite.

Hal Elrod: Like so much energy and mental clarity?

Josh Eidenberg: It was if I unlocked like Josh 2.0.

Hal Elrod: Wow.

Josh Eidenberg: And the way I just first discovered that something has changed within me was I started sending the person leading the Whole30 program like nine-minute voice messages.

Hal Elrod: I’ve gotten a nine-minute voice message from Josh. Got a 15-minute voice message from Josh not too long ago.

Josh Eidenberg: Yeah. So that was like the first time I noticed that while I’m like authentically sharing and using my voice I was just so insightful and thoughtful and I felt like smart for the first time like actually really, really smart. I felt like I could remember things. I felt like I was retaining the things in my mind. And even Brianna said to me, she’s like, “Where have you been?” It’s like all the things that, I guess, were like bottled up inside of me that I really didn’t have as much of a voice as I did on this day 19. So, we kept going and we finished the Whole30. And you know what we did? We decided to do another 30.

Hal Elrod: I was just going to say. Yeah.

Josh Eidenberg: Because we didn’t want it to stop. And I mean…

Hal Elrod: And then I’d imagine it, right, it elevated your consciousness around food and what you put in your body and how it impacts how you feel and how you think, and then what you’re capable of doing.

Josh Eidenberg: And ultimately, your Miracle Morning is even better. But you’re actually able to tap into your hopes and your dreams and your intentions and your will, and you’re actually able to feel your heartbeat and you feel just so naturally connected to yourself that all the SAVERS, they’re like, “We’ve been waiting for you to receive us.” So, that was really profound. And then I would say that once I got started getting the food right, well, I’ll say one thing. So, after the Whole30, I had ice cream and I never felt more sick in my whole life.

Hal Elrod: Oh, wow. Yeah.

Josh Eidenberg: And then what happened? I had more ice cream. Somehow the sugar and the whatever was in the ice cream was like, “We’re taking over now.” Well, I got to stop this and never do that again. But ultimately, I got the food right. Started getting the Miracle Morning like really dialed in. And then I got into breathwork, which has been just the most I would say one of the high point moments of the last like two years.

Hal Elrod: Wow. I did not know that, man. I mean, I know that you send me breathwork tracks and such but I did not know that it was so impactful for you.

Josh Eidenberg: Yeah. I mean, there’s like 30-plus different ways to breathe, Hal. It’s like how many people actually know like there’s 30 different ways to breathe and they have so many different benefits.

Hal Elrod: What’s a resource you can give people to get into breathwork? I know you’ve recommended apps before to me. What’s the best? What’s your favorite breathwork go-to? YouTube video? App? Where can people go?

Josh Eidenberg: Yeah. So…

Hal Elrod: Oh, how about our app?

Josh Eidenberg: Well, I was just going to say like, right now, we’re going to be very heavy on breathwork. Yeah. We just released NOA AON with ten tracks, both for the Miracle Evening and the Miracle Morning. NOA AON does breathwork experiences and he calls it the BDM, breath, dance, and movement experience, which is essentially like three of the art of breath, dance, and meditation, which is like…

Hal Elrod: Oh, so it’s three of the SAVERS in one. Nice.

Josh Eidenberg: Yeah.

Hal Elrod: Yeah. For those that don’t know, by the way, you are the Head of App Development for the Miracle Morning app. That is your world, your life in a lot of ways, your professional life. And we’ll circle back to that. So, yeah, go ahead.

Josh Eidenberg: So, he travels all over the world. He’s doing like 150-plus wake-up events and breathwork events all over the world, which is super cool.

Hal Elrod: And he’s a world-renowned breathwork facilitator. Yeah.

Josh Eidenberg: He spent over 30 days in a dark room with no light and they just feed him with food a couple of times a day and he has just tapped fully into himself. So, he’s got some amazing breathwork experiences. On Monday, we’re going to be releasing Ben Holt. Ben Holt is not only a breath master, but he’s also a musician. So, he makes his own music tied to his breathwork, which is amazing. So, I would highly check out what we’re putting out in the Miracle Morning app. That’s what I’ve been using as I’ve been curating more and more breath masters. We’re also going to be releasing Hawk Stillwind in about two or three weeks. He does these sound wave breathwork experiences, the kind of like a sound bath for those that you know about a sound bath. He’s going to be coming up with a track called the Miracle Launch Pad, which is just like launches you out of bed into the day and tapping into your breath. So, that would be really fun.

Hal Elrod: I want to ask you. I want to shift the direction of the question. I want to ask you, I mean, you’re a Miracle Morning I’d call you a master maybe or you’re on your path to mastery. You’ve been doing it for eight years on a regular basis. You happen to live with and are engaged to the Miracle Morning OG, Brianna Greenspan, who she was my… For those that don’t know, Brianna was my coaching client when I created the Miracle Morning in 2008 as a practice, four years before it became a book. She’s also the co-author of The Miracle Morning: Art of Affirmations. She’s the Director of Education for the Miracle Morning, getting it in schools. So, like the fact that you live with like another Miracle Morning master, it’s hard, the two of you together like if one of you is off, the other one seems like, “Dude, get it together. Let’s do our Miracle Morning.”

So, here’s what I want to ask you. I think that people have off-days. It’s something I hear one of the biggest questions I get. When I fall off my Miracle Morning, like I was doing it, I did it for six months like it changed my life but then we went on vacation and then I never got back on it. Like, I want to know how do you maybe winter times… Give me an example of one time when you fell off and how do you push through? How do you get back on track?

Josh Eidenberg: Yeah. I think this is such a good question because it actually happens pretty often where it’s like you fall off and you identify like, “Wow. This is not good. This is not where I used to be. And I can think of some times where it’s just like we have a lot of things going on with work, Brianna and I, and we’re, for the lack of better words, grinding. And sometimes if we get into this mode where it feels like we need to stay up really late and work. And right when we wake up in the morning, we need to work. Honestly, actually, what’s coming up for me the most is the first year making the Miracle Morning app was actually a nightmare.

Hal Elrod: Okay.

Josh Eidenberg: And I’ll explain why. Because I was so excited to build the Miracle Morning app for myself that as soon as we had like the first version for me to test, well, I would do that in my Miracle Morning, naturally, right? It’s like the app’s version one, developers want me to check it out. I would wake up and start to open up the app and start using it, and then I’m like, ”Ah, this should be better. This isn’t working. I cannot believe they did this.” And then I like start writing. My journaling is like all the things that are going wrong. My journaling is all the new ideas I have.

Hal Elrod: Yeah. I can see that. And couldn’t just experience and enjoy the app. You were like perfectionist mode.

Josh Eidenberg: It took a long time for me to get to a place where I can just open up the app and simply enjoy it without putting my work hat on. So, it’s like my intention was to build it for myself, but every time I use it, I’m constantly using it through the lens of like, how can it be better for the community? So, I really fell off of my morning routine and realized that I needed to not use the Miracle Morning app for that time being and that there are certain SAVERS that are great to do on the app, and there are certain SAVERS that were working for me off the app. And then there are certain days where I don’t have a lot of time and I’m learning new modalities and practices by using the app and completing all the SAVERS in less than ten minutes.

And then there are certain times where I feel so low energy that I need to go for a run. And when I go for a run, I might put on some positive affirmations with the app. But like I really need to go for a run and I need to get more of my routine in. Like, there are times where I say to Brianna, it’s like, “Time to double down on our Miracle Morning or like triple down.” There are times where it’s more important for us to have longer and more productive morning routines than other days.

Hal Elrod: Yeah. Like, 2020 was that for me. 2020 was and I’m like, “I need to double down on the Miracle Morning.” Like, the world outside is crazy and out of control. I need to focus on what I can control, which is me.

Josh Eidenberg: Yeah. And it’s so important for us to, you know, Brianna often says like she wakes up in the morning, she asks herself, “What SAVERS do I need right now?”

Hal Elrod: Yeah, I love that.

Josh Eidenberg: I think that’s like such a beautiful and I’ve taken that from her. It’s like, what do I need right now? Like, I really need to move my body because if I don’t move my body, then my lower back’s going to hurt. And if my lower back hurts, then I’m probably going to be low energy throughout the day. It’s like you ultimately figure out what’s going to work for you. And there are times where I didn’t do the things that I wanted to do inside the home or around the home where I’m now like in the car, and I play something in the Miracle Morning app to at least get something in and have a powerful morning routine while I’m driving. And there are times where Brianna like really wants to talk to me about work or something that we have coming up, some plan, something that’s happening in the evening. And I’m like, “Don’t talk to me. I haven’t meditated yet.”

Right? It’s like, I totally know the difference of like when I didn’t meditate and I’m like, “Wow. I forgot to pray this morning.” And you notice the day that you forget to pray and you forget to meditate, the day never goes as well as I want it to. And so, I think it’s really about having awareness of what you need to do most and get at least that one thing done. I think it would be the pro tip because usually, it’s like it’s not about working out. It’s about getting to the gym, right? That’s like what is the one thing that you can do that’s going to segue all the other SAVERS to kind of fall into place?

Hal Elrod: Well, it’s like anything, the first domino, right? Once you knock that down, the rest will fall. And I love you sharing Brie’s question, which is, what SAVERS do I need this morning? And just really putting your hand on your heart, closing your eyes, getting quiet, and that will come to you. And some days it’s meditation. I’ve got to just calm my mind. Some days you have so much on your mind that you actually need to journal first. You got to write it out. Dude, I got 17 things I’m thinking. I can’t meditate right now until I get this out of my head on paper. Then I’ve got space and permission to meditate, right? So, yeah, it is interesting to look at them as individual tools and a collective ritual but they’re one in the same.

Josh Eidenberg: Yeah. And it’s all about what works for you and what happened the day before or the week before or what’s going on in your life that there are times where it’s like I want to learn right when I wake up.

Hal Elrod: Totally. Me too. Yeah. I just want to read.

Josh Eidenberg: And I know that you and I have something similar where it’s like we have bedside books that are very different than the books that we read during the day. So, it’s like we’re not going to read some business book at night before we’re going to bed, because then…

Hal Elrod: Our mind racing. Yeah.

Josh Eidenberg: So, I like to read something light that just gets the brain working and moving. One of my favorite books is Peace is Every Step.

Hal Elrod: I love that. Yeah. Thach Nhin Hanh?

Josh Eidenberg: Thich Nhat Hanh.

Hal Elrod: I messed it up but yeah. That’s one of my bedside books for sure, dude.

Josh Eidenberg: Good. Because you just keep reading it every time.

Hal Elrod: Totally.

Josh Eidenberg: Because you’re a different person every time you read it. And that’s what’s so nice for those of you that are interested, it’s like one or two pages.

Hal Elrod: Yeah, I love that.

Josh Eidenberg: One or two pages gives you so much value that you could bring to that day for yourself that you could impact others. And ultimately, that’s really the idea behind the reading in the SAVERS is like, for me, it’s like learn something new that you can apply to yourself, that you might be able to teach others and show up in a way that makes the day better. And I think a book like that is like the best book because it’s like teaching you that when you hear sirens go off to not panic but to like send prayer to those that might be…

Hal Elrod: Whatever the sirens are going to.

Josh Eidenberg: Yeah. And it’s just like, wow, anytime I hear a siren, I’m going to put myself into like mindfulness state and incorporate prayer into my daily routines. It’s like every time I hear a siren, I’ll pray all because I read that book.

Hal Elrod: That’s now just an anchor for you. Yeah.

Josh Eidenberg: Yeah. And those little tiny nuggets in that kind of…

Hal Elrod: I’d love to do a mini deep dive into the SAVERS for you because, obviously, again, you’re a wealth of knowledge, experience, and you are part of this is probably you’re a techie for one, right? But just, in general, you’re always exploring new practices, new rituals, right? Where I think a lot of us get into a rut, kind of mundane. People always are like, “What do I do with my Miracle Morning when it’s stale and kind of like same old, same old?” and you’re like the opposite of that. You’re always figuring out the newest thing. So, yeah, I’d love to hear like walk through the SAVERS and your favorite practice for each, how they’ve impacted you. Maybe if there’s a story of like this neighbor helped me reach a goal. Just however you want to kind of share the SAVERS as they’ve helped you.

Josh Eidenberg: Yeah. I mean, there’s…

Hal Elrod: And your best tips.

Josh Eidenberg: There are so many things that we could be doing in the morning, right? Whether they’re SAVERS or if they fall into the SAVERS or not, there’s really so many things that we can be doing. And one of my favorite things that I feel really inclined to share that I’ve incorporated into my Miracle Morning practice is the Miracle Morning Mindset and Motivation playlist on Spotify.

Hal Elrod: Yes, this is great. I’m glad you went there.

Josh Eidenberg: Yeah. I think that’s what it’s called. Sorry. No, I changed it. It’s called Miracle Morning Musical Nutrition.

Hal Elrod: And this is a Spotify playlist, right? In fact, I literally downloaded. I didn’t use Spotify. You’re like, “Hey, go to your Spotify.” I’m like, “I use Apple Music.” You’re like, “No, you got to…” And so, the playlist was so good. We were listening one time like “Where is this?” You’re like, “Spotify, I told you, download it.” So, I literally downloaded Spotify just so I could listen to this playlist.

Josh Eidenberg: And I’m not affiliated with Spotify or anything, but I remember you saying, “You should make it for Apple Music.” I’m like, “I’m not going to do that.” Because there’s 54 hours’ worth of music. It would take me so much time.

Hal Elrod: Is it 54 hours long?

Josh Eidenberg: Yeah. I mean, there’s thousands of songs in here that are like the highest consciousness, most mindful, great lyrics, all of my favorite genres. So, it’s not just one genre. It’s like all the best, all the different genres but like feel-good music to wake up to. As a matter of fact, it’s not even just to wake up to. I listen to it throughout the day and I just hit shuffle. And I’m always just pleasantly surprised. And I’ve been listening to a lot of this music for the last probably four years. And this playlist is consistently evolving. And the music and the lyrics evolve as I evolve. Now, I’ve raised my consciousness, these songs have different meanings at different times in my life. So, it’s really amazing. So, I incorporate that into the playlist.

Like, I wake up and I like to just put really nice music through the home and that’s kind of like the background to my experience. And for silence, I will pray, I will do some breathwork. I like to just stand up out of bed and just do (breathing sounds). I learned that from Tony Robbins doing like three sets of that, three sets of ten, and then kind of just like, really just like feeling into like the energy that you just created. And for a lot of people that are new to the Miracle Morning, the one thing that I like to share with people, and I don’t know if I’ve ever shared this with you, but like, what I learned is that when we sleep, we generate millions of cells, and we regenerate cells and make new cells. And ultimately, when we wake up, the goal is to wake those cells up. How do we do that? We use the SAVERS but I have like a pre-SAVERS thing that I do. So, my pre-SAVERS is hydrate those cells. The second thing I do is oxygenate those cells.

Hal Elrod: I just put that intense breathing and breathwork. Yeah.

Josh Eidenberg: And then I might just jump up and down, do some jumping jacks, do some push-ups, kind of just walk in circles in the house or run in place or just do something to activate my cells. So, that’s kind of like my Miracle Morning, like one-minute, two-minute warm-up that I do where I hydrate my cells, I oxygenate my cells, and activate my cells. And that’s how you can get high in your own supply.

Hal Elrod: Nice. I love it.

Josh Eidenberg: There’s no amount of coffee that’s going to give you the same results as those three things. And you haven’t even done your Miracle Morning yet, right? I mean, that could be your Miracle Morning alone for a lot of people.

Hal Elrod: Sure, sure. I mean, it puts you in a peak state, right?

Josh Eidenberg: Yeah. I mean, it really does. And it’s like if you do five minutes of that versus two minutes of that, like you’re already in such a better place to where it’s like, “Now, what do I want to do?” So, I incorporate that and then I love to do breathwork and I do all different kinds of breathwork from like Wim Hof deep breathing to breath of fire to one of my favorites is just it’s so simple. It’s just a box breathing. Inhale for four seconds, hold for four seconds, exhale for four seconds, hold for four seconds. And you just do that. And as you do that, what you can do is you can do eight seconds, eight seconds, eight seconds, eight seconds. I can get all the way up to like 16 seconds where it’s like I’m basically doing one breath a minute.

Hal Elrod: Nice.

Josh Eidenberg: And it’s super relaxing. And it just really gets me centered and grounded and I feel deeply connected to myself. The other thing I really like is breathing through my heart and like just really closing your eyes and focusing your attention on your heart. You could place your hands on your heart and just taking deep breaths, focusing your attention, breathing through your heart. And then exhaling through your heart and like thinking about something that you’re grateful for and like stacking on the gratitude. And the more things that you think about what you’re grateful for, and the more detail that you go into, the better that you feel.

We have this track in the Miracle Morning app that’s like I think it’s called Bouquet of Flowers. And it’s like, you can have all the things in your left hand that are like the things that you’re angry about, fearful about, upset, like low states of consciousness. And then in your other hand, you have all the things that you’re grateful for. And if you just place beautiful flowers into your right hand and you place all the things that you are negative into your left and you realize that you can’t have both and that you just want to look at all the beautiful flowers in your right hand. And like all the gratitude eats the lowest states of consciousness for breakfast. So, I love bringing gratitude into my practice. I mean, there’s just so many things I can go on and on.

Hal Elrod: Talk about being that you’re the Head of App Development and you created the app that you want, which I think any good product is like the owner or the creator, right, was like, “This is what I need. This is what I want.” And you and I really collaborate on that. You’re the one that came to me, you’re like, “Hal, we need a Miracle Running app.” And I don’t know how many years of you saying that I’m like, “I know, I know, I know,” but I want it to be the ultimate one-size-fits-all app or not one-size-fits-all but what’s the word I’m looking for?

Josh Eidenberg: All in one.

Hal Elrod: All in one. That’s what I meant to say. All-in-one app. And I had priced it out and it was like $150,000 was one quote I got. $100,000, $200,000. I’m like, I can’t afford to build this app. And you’re like, “What could you afford to start? And we’ll make it better over time. But you got to start.” You’re like, “Hal, you know that. You have to start somewhere.” I’m like, “Damn it. Okay.” So, we started with $10,000, right? And then now we’ve invested $100,000 in the app and making it better. But I just want to hear like for anyone that has the app, doesn’t have the app, like what… I’m trying to think of how to ask this question. I guess it’s what do you feel like is most valuable about the app for people like whether it’s what are your favorite features or what does the app help someone do that not having it makes it more challenging, whether that’s be accountable, get guided tracks, etcetera?

I’d love to hear you talk on the app for a couple of minutes, and like how people can get the most out of it. What are the features? I know Journey is something that you came up with that you rolled out. Explain that. I don’t even know if I can explain it very well.

Josh Eidenberg: Yeah. I mean, so the goal of the app was to complement your amazing book and the entire book series in the sense of like you read the book, they hear your story, they learn about all the SAVERS and all the ways that they can do it. And for me, when I read the book, I was using apps.

Hal Elrod: Yeah. Meditation app, visualization app, exercise app, journaling apps.

Josh Eidenberg: And you were obviously doing the same because you’re sharing some of those and your previous version of the book. And I was just naturally like, what would it look like for there to just be one app where you can get a lot accomplished in as little amount of time to feel like you check the box to where once you use the app, maybe you have more time where you can go do things outside of the app and level up your Miracle Morning that way. And for me, you invite people in the book to do a 30-day challenge, right? So, the invitation is to focus on one area of your life that you’d really like to improve or that you’d like support with. And we get you to commit to starting a 30-day challenge.

And it’s all about how many days can you do out of 30? It’s not about that you have to do every single day. It’s do as little or as many SAVERS as you want and start checking off those boxes. But while you’re checking off those boxes, we’re providing you with all the ways that you can create affirmations the Hal Elrod way with the Hal Elrod format. We have Hal’s template for making affirmations. We have visualization prompts for each area of the Wheel of Life. We have affirmation prompts for every area of the Wheel of Life, and different affirmations that you can read. As a matter of fact, I think we have 500 plus now. If you’re looking just to listen and learn something new, we have some of your favorite books as audios and that you can now read in the app.

Hal Elrod: Summaries, right? Book summaries.

Josh Eidenberg: Yeah. Book summaries. And I don’t even know if I told you this. We now have over 300 guided audio experiences in the app where you can press play and complete a Miracle Morning in as little as six minutes or as much as like 15 minutes. Or you could listen to a meditation track and then a visualization track and an affirmations track, three different tracks under ten minutes. Or you can listen to one track that’s all the SAVERS. And what was really cool about what I wanted to do is I wanted to make it easier to complete the SAVERS and combo them. So, using these guided tracks, we now have exercise affirmation videos that you can watch or listen to.

We have affirmations, visualization, meditation tracks where it’s like you’re completing three SAVERS in five minutes. And they’re all different. They all take you on a different journey. I like to refer to it as like a headphones-on, eyes-closed experience. You really don’t know where you’re going to go, but what I end up receiving from it is I just feel so much lighter and I feel so much more energy, and I feel like I’m more ready for the day than I was three minutes ago or one minute ago, or 5 minutes or 10 minutes ago. And we now have these journeys where there’s different areas. The community said to us in a survey we had thousands of people fill out a survey saying that they need help with consistency. They need help with discipline. They need help with health and fitness. They need help with their finances or money.

And they have goals and dreams and things that they’re trying to do as far as New Year’s resolutions or things that they want to accomplish here in 2024. And we decided to create like five-day journeys, three-day journeys, seven-day journeys, and even a 30-day journey that you can do while in your 30-day challenge to help guide you. And so, when you wake up in the morning, you don’t really have to think about what to do. It’s like here’s how you can complete all your SAVERS and we just click this button and read these affirmations or click this button and listen to these affirmations or listen to this guided visualization track. We have tracks that guide you through journaling. A lot of people are like, “Josh, I don’t know how to journal.”

Well, you don’t have to know how to journal. Just grab the Miracle Morning app or your notepad and put some headphones on and you’re going to be guided to be thinking about what would make today great or what would make this week great.

Hal Elrod: Do I understand correctly that the Journeys are for like an area of the wheel of life? So, you would go on a journey like to focus on your finances and you’d do affirmations, do meditations, right? Yeah. So, your whole Miracle Morning is dedicated on that one area of life. Okay. Got it.

Josh Eidenberg: And we’re going to be adding new journeys like every couple of weeks now. So, there’s always going to be like new programs for them to complete. Lucy Osborne, we have about, I think 60 tracks in the queue that haven’t been released yet that Lucy made for all the areas of the Wheel of Life. Now, we’re going to start rolling out and making more journeys based on those areas, or at least the top areas right now that the community has expressed that they need the most help with.

Hal Elrod: What I think people don’t like, an important behind-the-scenes, once we built the app and I’m like, “Okay. Josh, this development team is very expensive, so we need to let them go.” And you’re like, “No, they’re going to be on forever.” I’m like, “What do you mean forever?” You’re like, “And we need to hire more developers.” I’m like, “What are you talking about? We’re spending more money right now on our development than we’re earning.” And you’re like, “Well, we have to keep making the app better and better and better and better.” And I’m like scratching my head. I’m like I didn’t think of it that way. I thought it was like we’re going to make a great app, and then we’re going to release it to the world, and then we’re going to do something else, you know?

And that’s what I love about you is like you talk about what is that? CANI, that Tony Robbins’ constant never-ending improvement, that acronym, right? Like, you are such, I could say a geek, right, in the best way but like you geek out on like how do we optimize the customer experience and make it better and exceed their expectations? So, yeah, man, I just want to acknowledge you for that because I think it’s admirable.

Josh Eidenberg: Thank you for acknowledging me. I mean, a lot of people we sometimes get emails with like the app is too much money, but I’ll be honest with you, guys. I put my heart and soul into providing you all with the best possible experience and with new experiences so you want to continuously come into the app and feel surprised. And ultimately the goal here is to learn something new. We’re trying to bring new people into the app that you get to experience, so you get to learn a new breathwork. You get to learn a new way of visualizing. You get to learn a new way of positively affirming yourself. And it’s like, even though we can be doing these things without an app, the app is like giving us new tools that we could put on our toolbelt, that we can apply with or without the app.

And there are so many things that we want to do. We are so grateful for all the feature requests and feedback and we look at that all the time. And we are so excited and it literally keeps me up at night, all the different things that we’re going to be bringing to the Miracle Morning app. If it’s okay with you, I can share a few things just to tease them with what we’re thinking about for this year.

Hal Elrod: Let’s save that for our next conversation because I want to have you back on because I think there’s so much more for us to talk about.

Josh Eidenberg: I didn’t even get past my silence routine.

Hal Elrod: I know, I know, but I got to go pick up my daughter from school. So, that’s why I said there’s so much more for us that we can talk about. Let’s wrap it with this, like I want to share or end on if there is one nugget of wisdom that you want listeners to walk away with and bring into their own lives, Josh, having all that you’ve experienced in the last eight years being a Miracle Morning reader of the book, a long-time practitioner, now on the other side, where you’re part of the Miracle Morning team, I call you guys the Miracle Workers and helping elevate consciousness, like what’s the one message that you’d want people to walk away with?

Josh Eidenberg: I think that there’s always an opportunity for us to be growing and getting better and better and better each and every day. And that doesn’t have to be like big chunks. It’s literally just 1% better each and every day. And as we look at our morning routine and look at our lives and see how much time are we spending on our morning routine and how much time we’ll be spending on our lives outside of our morning routine, the amount of time that you put into your morning routine will determine the quality of life that you have during the day, the week, the month, the year in your life. And I’m consistently up-leveling and realizing that there is so much more that we can be doing, and we can be taking our Miracle Morning to the next level, which takes our life to the next level. And this is the Achieve Your Goals podcast, right?

It’s like if you’re looking to achieve your goals, if you’re looking to achieve your goals, big or small, The Miracle Morning is the tool to help you do that, and however much time and effort you put into your Miracle Morning is going to be the result of the amount of satisfaction and joy and happiness and success that you have in your life. And I’m on this call, and I asked how to be on this podcast because I wanted to be an example to show you that all it takes is for you to visualize what you want to create, affirm, creating that, journal about that, and then make it happen. And I’m here right now as an example of doing the Miracle Morning, visualizing and affirming and journaling and pouring love and light into the future of what I wanted for the Miracle Morning and creating an app. And now it’s a reality. And I have the Miracle Morning to thank for that.

So, it’s like whatever it is that you want to create, it’s entirely possible. I want you to know that every single thing that you put in your mind that you affirm that you bring into your morning routine is absolutely possible in your life. And that we have $3.5 billion rovers on Mars. So, if you think that something’s not possible, it really is and the Miracle Morning could help you make that possible, whether you believe it or not.

Hal Elrod: Awesome. Well said. I could not agree more, man, everything that you just said. And like you said, you’re living proof, Josh. You’re a living example, which is so wild, man. I mean, it feels like such a God thing that we were destined for you to meet Brie and Brie to bring you into my world and, yeah. So, I’m very grateful for you and the impact you’ve made in my life. You’ve been one of the biggest supporters of the last couple of years, launching the Miracle Morning book, of course, building the app, and just being there as a friend, man. I’ll close with this. When I was going through a really difficult time with my mental health, in the last about a year, less than a year ago, you sent me a nutritional playlist. You made a custom playlist just for me of songs that uplifted me and reminded me of what I was capable of. And so, yeah, man, I’m eternally grateful to you, Josh. I love you, brother.

Josh Eidenberg: Love you too. Well, we’re just so grateful for you and you sharing your story and your transformation that you’ve had in your life by having a kick-ass morning routine. And I encourage others in the community to share how the Miracle Morning has made an impact on their life with other people because as we become the best versions of ourselves, it is our job, it is our responsibility, and it’s selfish if we don’t do this to share how the Miracle Morning and having a positive morning routine has helped us so we can help others. That’s really what this is all about.

So, Hal, I really just want to put the spotlight on you and just having the courage to share your story and all the known and unknown ripple effects that that has made for this world, like millions and millions, and you’ve probably impacted a hundred million people by you deciding one day to write a book. So, if you can do it, anybody can do it. And it just makes that you’re just a bright, shining light of possibility for everybody else.

Hal Elrod: Thank you, brother. I receive your kind words very much. And, goal achievers, thank you for tuning in today. I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Josh as much as I did. I learned a lot of new things that I didn’t know and got to share some things with you about my friend, Josh, that I really wanted to share. So, I love you so much. Make this a great week. Get ready for Miracle Morning tomorrow, and I will talk to you next week.


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