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350: The Key to Experiencing Ultimate Freedom

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True freedom is an inner game. It's realizing that every single one of us already has everything that we need to be the happiest that we could ever be.

Hal Elrod

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When you hear the word freedom, what do you think about? Today I’m talking about how we can all achieve what I consider to be the ultimate freedom or specifically “inner freedom” – the ability to choose how you experience every aspect of your life in each moment.

When we have inner freedom, we are in control of our inner world and our experience of life, no matter what’s going on. You have the ability to choose your experience of every aspect of your life, including how you experience other people. If you can attain inner freedom, you win. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life, in your bank account, at work, in the government, or in how other people show up—you’re in control.

Today, I want to talk about how to achieve such a state of inner freedom, even during the most difficult times. You’ll learn why worrying is usually an unnecessary use of our energy, how to transcend inner turmoil, and experience life exactly as you choose.


  • Why we already have everything that we need to be the happiest and most at peace that we could ever be. 
  • How to consciously choose the state you want to experience every day.
  • What happens when you stop consciously resisting reality and choose instead to embrace and express gratitude. 
  • How to create a paradigm that turns hardship and challenge into opportunities to grow. 
  • How emotional optimization meditation helps turn your chosen state of being into your default state of being.


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