Episode 321: Living Life in Awe with John O’Leary [BONUS]

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"Life never ever takes place inside a vacuum. The butterfly effect is alive and real and impacting all our lives today. Just as when we flap our wings, we are impacting the lives of those around us."

John O Leary

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When my friend John O’Leary was nine years old, a horrific accident left him with burns on 100% of his body, and a slim chance of survival. He defied the odds to make a remarkable recovery and has spent his life since on a mission to share the lessons he learned about overcoming adversity.

John and I met years ago when we spoke on the same stage, and I can attest that he is one of the most authentic and inspirational communicators that I know. In fact, his message has now reached over 1 million people in 14 countries.

When I found out John has a new book coming out today, I invited him to be on the show to talk about it. His new book is titled: In Awe: Rediscover Your Childlike Wonder to Unleash Inspiration, Meaning, and Joy, and shows us how to recapture and harness our childlike qualities in order to become more engaged, successful, and fulfilled, as individuals and as leaders. He’s also donating 100% of his profits and giving some valuable bonuses for anyone who gets his book this week (details here).


  • Why John believes we will re-emerge from the so-called COVID-19 pandemic, not to the way things were, but how they could always have been.
  • How John and his team are staying engaged, employed, and looking forward after losing 94% of their future revenue on March 12.
  • The value of learning from the next generation instead of trying to teach them.
  • The five senses that kids tap into with ease that adults lose touch with – and how to reconnect with them.
  • Why the smartest people in the room are never the ones who think they have all the answers.


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"We need to be working hard when we work but playing hard when we play and resting in between and understanding how to connect more effectively with the things that actually matter."

John O Leary

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