Episode 307: The Most Important Lessons I Learned from Jim Rohn with Kyle Wilson

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Jim Rohn was one of my greatest mentors. He was a master of presenting complex ideas in an extraordinarily simple way, he was funny, and he had an incredible gift as a speaker and presenter. In fact, a single quote of his, “Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development” was what inspired me to create the Miracle Morning.

For 18 years, his business partner was Kyle Wilson – the founder of Jim Rohn International and YourSuccess.com. He worked to promote Jim all over the world, built a following of over a million subscribers, published over 100 hours of CDs and DVDs, and then sold everything in 2007 to have more time with his children. Since then, Kyle has become the author of multiple #1 bestsellers and provides coaching and consulting through the Kyle Wilson Inner Circle Mastermind.

Today, Kyle joins the podcast to share lessons from his partnership with Jim. You’ll learn how Kyle took Jim from being owed almost half a million dollars to doing over 100 speaking engagements a year to audiences of over 25,000. You’ll also find out how to rethink sales to empower your clients and customers, and discover why Jim, unlike many masters of sales, rarely got upset about the small stuff – and why you shouldn’t either.


  • How Kyle discovered his entrepreneurial spirit at the age of 19 – and how it led him to partnering with Jim Rohn.
  • What Kyle did to take Jim from speaking 20 times a year to around 4,000 people to doing over 100 speaking engagements annually to audiences of over 25,000.
  • Why there are no new ideas – just new ways to synthesize and present them – and how your unique outlook can prove hugely valuable.
  • Low hanging opportunities for entrepreneurs to implement to grow their businesses.
  • Why customer conversion is a wheel – not a funnel – and how to stop chasing cold traffic when you can build meaningful relationships right now.


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