Episode 295: How To Become an Expert In YOU with Brandon Hawk

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"If you have a belief that emotional pain is wrong, then you're going to numb yourself out and you won't open yourself to celebration and joy."

Brandon Hawk

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On today’s episode of the Achieve Your Goals podcast, you’ll get to hear Brandon Hawk and I talk about YOU: A Guide to Deeper Connection, A Lifestyle of Ease, and Massive Results—based on his new book by the same title.

There’s a reason CEOs and individuals pay Brandon thousands of dollars per hour for his advice… He is an expert at showing you how to reconnect with who you truly are, so that you can achieve everything you’ve ever wanted while truly enjoying every day of your life.

Today, Brandon joins the podcast to discuss why deeper connections have to serve as the foundation for all real achievement, and why external success doesn’t have to come at the cost of abandoning your heart.


  • Why Brandon felt such intense emotional pain after achieving his goal of playing at Wimbledon at the age of 20 – and why that pain sent him on a long journey of personal development.
  • The questions Brandon asks himself every day to help inspire action and feel what he wants to feel.
  • The morning process Brandon teaches his clients to live in an inspired state, rather than a manic one.
  • Why overproducing is a sign that we’re not good at being with ourselves in stillness.


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