Episode 270: How to Leave Your Job and Pursue Your Dreams with Jesse Harless

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"Entrepreneurship is being able to make decisions in bettering yourself and bettering your own capabilities."

Jesse Harless

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Have you ever wanted to leave your job and start your own business in order to create more time and financial freedom? Today, you’re going to meet my friend Jesse Harless and hear how he did exactly that.

Jesse is now an author, life and recovery coach, group facilitator, motivational speaker, trainer, and founder of Entrepreneurs in Recovery™—a platform that empowers people in addiction recovery to reach their full potential. He recently released his first Amazon best-selling book, Smash Your Comfort Zone with Cold Showers.

Today, Jesse joins the podcast to share how to get over your fears, how to (intelligently and strategically) walk away from work that doesn’t satisfy or fulfill you, and how to start a business that does.


  • Why Jesse wanted to leave his job, and how he mentally and emotionally got over the fears that were holding him back – even though he didn’t yet have a way to make money.
  • How Jesse’s first serious wake-up call at 22 naturally led him on a path of personal growth and brought him to where he is today.
  • Why Jesse wrote his first book and how to find power in embracing discomfort and living in the unknown.
  • How freedom from addiction and entrepreneurship are interconnected – and why Jesse had to overcome his own addictions before he could launch his first business.
  • What exactly Jesse does at Entrepreneurs in Recovery – and how he helps recovering addicts look to the past, find passion for the future, and reduce their risk of relapse.


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