Episode 234: How to Eat to Improve Health, Boost Energy & Live Longer

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"The key to living a long healthy life is making a conscious choice to value the health and energetic consequences of the foods that you eat above the taste."

Hal Elrod

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Many people rely on multiple cups of coffee or products like 5 Hour Energy to get through the day. Far more of us choose not to prioritize our health until it becomes a serious issue – and one thing we often don’t think about is how the food we eat impacts our energy levels and resulting motivation (or lack thereof) throughout the day.

Today, I’m talking to you about how to change that in order to naturally feel more energetic and live a longer, healthier, happier life. By the end of this episode, I want you to start to choose foods based on long-term health consequences instead of just taste.

Along the way, I’ll share with you insights from my own eating habits, strategies to transform your overall diet, and how you can still eat yummy food for every single meal.


  • Why we have so many emotions around eating – and how they affect the choices we make.
  • The reasons we all crash after a heavy Thanksgiving meal – and the foods that will leave you feeling energetic instead.
  • How to wean your body of toxic, bad foods, many of which are addictive.
  • The reasons unhealthy behavior is still bad for you – even if you eat healthy.
  • How to use your smartphone to track the commitments you make and hold yourself to them.
  • Action steps for healthy eating and how to achieve them, even when eating out and traveling.
  • Brands and resources I recommend, as well as products to avoid, for natural, whole foods and vitamins.


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