Episode 222: The Art of Making Anything Happen – with Steve Sims

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"I have always believed if you get a 'NO' in a conversation, you're either asking the wrong person or you're asking the wrong question.”

Steve Sims

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Steve Sims is a self-described ugly kid from the outskirts of London who wasn’t born into luxury, but holds his place there now. He’s the founder of Bluefish, one of the world’s top personal concierge services, and an expert marketer in the luxury industry. If you want to sing with your favorite rockstar, be serenaded by Andrea Bocelli, get married at the Vatican, or dive to the wreck of the Titanic … he makes it happen.

Steve has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, the London Sunday Times, the South China Post, and more. He’s also spoken at countless events, the Pentagon, and twice at Harvard – and is the author of Bluefishing: The Art of Making Anything Happen.

Today, he joins the podcast to discuss his actionable strategies to achieve goals, share some of the coolest stories of his 20+ year career, and talk about what the world’s most powerful people REALLY want.


  • How Steve went from being a bricklayer from East London to a power player among Hong Kong’s global elite.
  • The reasons Steve never asked the powerful people in his life for a job – and how he got ahead by never asking people questions that could be answered with a “no”.
  • Why what people say they want and what they really want are often miles apart – and how Steve fulfilled one client’s borderline impossible request.
  • The universal principles you can apply in your life to make anything happen – and why so many people make the mistake of focusing on getting their feet in the door, rather than becoming irresistible.
  • Why Steve believes in the power of moving left when everyone else moves right – and how to use this strategy in everything you do.


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