Episode 155: Transforming Your Relationships with Stacey Martino & Brandy Salazar

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Today is a special episode of the Achieve Your Goals podcast. We have 2 AMAZING back-to-back interviews with Stacey Martino and Brandy Salazar who are here to give you the tools and techniques for transforming your relationships!

Stacey and Brandy share their inspiring stories and explain how they were both able to climb back from marriages that were on the brink of failure.

Here’s a bit about today’s featured guests…

Stacey Martino

Stacey Martino is a sought-after relationship expert, certified marriage educator, divorce preventionist, international best-selling author, engaging speaker and the Relationship Expert for Aspire Magazine. Stacey and her husband Paul empower individuals with the tools & strategies to transform not only their love relationship, but ANY relationship. Today, through their programs and live events, they help thousands of people transform their love relationship!

Brandy Salazar

Surviving on her own since she was a teenager, Brandy’s spirit of perseverance has allowed her to break through life barriers and thrive. Despite not having a high school diploma, Brandy was managing a multi-million dollar commercial real estate portfolio by the age of 23.

Brandy is passionate about leadership, charity, purpose, and meaningful relationships. She attributes success not just to her personal and professional accolades, but also to her family. As a mother of two young and very strong-willed daughters, Brandy is reminded daily that strength and vulnerability are two sides of the same coin and the secret to finding her flow lies in the balance between the two.

During today’s conversations, you’ll learn about the power of triggers, the BIG differences between men and women, why couples therapy is destined to fail and how to level up and rescue ANY relationship!

You’ll also hear about the latest book in the Miracle Morning series, The Miracle Morning for Transforming Your Relationship: How to Create an Unshakeable LOVE and Unleashed PASSION that Lasts a Lifetime!


  • Find out how Stacey went from an almost failed marriage to becoming the go-to person for relationship advice.
  • Why it only takes one person to completely transform a partnership.
  • Discover the most powerful force of human relationships and how it can affect the people around you.
  • The invisible things you unknowingly do to trigger your partner’s behavior.
  • The major differences between men and women and why your positive intentions are unknowingly causing more harm than good for your relationship.
  • Why every marriage is not meant to last, but ANY relationship can be rescued.
  • The creation of The Miracle Morning for Transforming Your Relationship.
  • Why “couples work” counterproductively doesn’t work AND what you can do instead to save your relationship!
  • Brandy shares how she went from an unhappy marriage with 2 kids to a realization that allowed her to turn things around!
  • Find out how you can intentionally hit the reset button and level up your relationship!
  • The importance of recognizing your most precious priorities and commitments.
  • How to create a memorable date night through active listening and being fully present.


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