Episode 129: Why ADHD may actually be an advantage (Interview with Peter Shankman)

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Peter Shankman – speaker, coach, writer, and fitness enthusiast ��� decided a long time ago that he wasn’t going to let ADD lead to a life of medication, and the desire to overcome his condition was so strong it led to a full-on challenge of Western medicine. Peter’s goal is to help people with limiting beliefs and disorders come up with alternative solutions to managing their diagnoses so they can enjoy a rich, full life without hampering their natural state with unnecessary medication.

Peter shares his hard-earned tips and tricks for managing ADD and living a rewarding, productive life, and also affirms the positive that comes from disorders like ADD. As I always say, “ADHD and creativity are pretty much the same thing….”

In this episode, you will…

  • Listen to insights about the creativity that comes from ADD unstifled by medication
  • Hear why Peter Shankman thinks we’re overmedicating our kids who have ADD
  • Understand why managing ADD is about learning to drive your brain differently
  • Discover why developing rituals is one of the key ways to managing your ADD
  • Learn how Peter prepares each day for success with a killer morning routine. Find out what it is!

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