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Achieve Your Goals

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Everyone has days when rolling out of bed feels like the biggest challenge. On those days, making progress toward our goals can feel daunting and overwhelming. However, there is a way to navigate through this.

Today, I’m going to dig into how to find ways to push forward and make progress to achieve your goals when you’re struggling. And it’s not about ignoring feelings of doubt and uncertainty. Those feelings are part of the package.

It’s about acknowledging when those negative thoughts emerge and holding onto the belief that things will work out. Understand that the real magic happens when we realize it’s the small steps we take every day, no matter how we feel, that add up to some pretty remarkable results over time.


  • Our goals don’t take a break, even when we’re having a hard time
  • When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change
  • How to transform fear into relentless belief
  • Let go of who you once were and embrace who you currently are
  • Why unwavering faith + extraordinary effort are the recipe for real-life magic
  • Tiny actions taken daily lead to remarkable results



“Extraordinary effort doesn’t mean you work 60 hours a week. It means you do one thing every day. It’s about consistency. Doing at least one thing every day that moves you forward toward the goal that you set, the mission that you’re on, and the outcome that you’re committed to.”

“Stop trying to be who you used to be. Instead, start applying what you know to who you are.”



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Hal Elrod: Hello friends, welcome to the Achieve Your Goals podcast. And today’s, episode is an important one. I think this applies to every single one of us. We’re going to talk about How to Achieve Your Goals When You’re Struggling. Now, what do I mean by struggling? Well, when you’re struggling with your mental health, when you’re struggling with your emotional wellbeing, when you are feeling perpetually stressed, fearful, overwhelmed, maybe you don’t even want to get out of bed in the morning.


But that doesn’t change the fact that you do have to get out of bed. You have to push forward. You do have goals that either you need to accomplish or you want to accomplish, right? You want to improve your life. You want to create meaningful results in your health and your fitness and your finances and your relationships. The goals don’t go away when we’re struggling. But it can be very difficult to make meaningful progress or even attempt to set a goal when you are in that negative challenge state.


Now, I’ve been in essentially a challenge state for the last three years. I’ve dealt with extreme anxiety and depression and fear and stress. Like you probably have to, at least on some degree, some level. But I’ve had to achieve meaningful goals anyway. I’ve had to keep pushing forward. So, today I’m going to break it down. How do you achieve your goals when you are really struggling?


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All right, without further ado, let’s dive into what I think is such an important topic for all of us, How to Achieve Your Goals When You’re Struggling.




Hal Elrod: My, oh, my, hey, welcome goal achievers and members of the Miracle Morning Community. Man, today is December 13th, at least when you’re listening to this, it is. That means the new Miracle Morning book came out yesterday. And today, I thought I’d give you kind of a behind-the-scenes look at why this was the most difficult goal I’ve ever approached in my life and for much of the process that I was going through, how I felt like I was failing, like I was letting other people down. I had an identity crisis, which we’ll talk about here in a few minutes. And it was really, really difficult.


And I think I’ve given you a little bit of kind of some peeks into that journey as I’ve been on it, just how overwhelmed and stressful this goal was. And I want to share with you, I want to kind of looking back, give you a behind the scenes, peek behind the curtain on what I learned from this experience that you can apply to your 2023 and your 2024, meaning how do you transform the way that you look back at 2023? Or how do you optimize the way you look back at 2023 in a way that really serves your highest good?


And Wayne Dyer said that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. And I’ll just start it off with an example. And this is part of the identity crisis that I mentioned a second ago. And this will help you understand how just changing the way you look at 2023 can transform the value that you gain and then how you feel about yourself and it can transform your quality of life, your mental health, your mental and emotional wellbeing, so on and so forth.


So, 2012, 11 years ago, I published the first edition, The Miracle Morning, the first book ever, and it was an exciting time. Again, it was 11 years ago, so I was about 30, I think 33 years old. And I basically had no team. I had Tiffany. No, I didn’t have Tiffany. It was just me, I think. I literally had no team. It was just me. And I pre-sold 5,000 copies of that book by calling people over the phone. I literally called. I probably sent some text messages and some emails as well, but I was pretty much on the phone calling every human, every person in my network, every human being that I knew, friends, family, colleagues, clients. I’d only given a few speeches at that time with my former speaking clients, so on and so forth. I called everybody I knew and pre-sold 5,000 copies.


And I didn’t have a public, like I didn’t have an audience. I didn’t have an email list, really. And so, I think though we sold about 1,000 or 1,400 online on Amazon that first week as well. So, successful first week, 6,000 copies and mostly from me just pounding the pavement, right? Not sending an email. There was no one to email. I had to call. I literally reached out to over 100 people to try to ask if they would buy copies of this new book that I’d written. Nobody knew the book. Brand-new book, right? Nobody knew who I was. I mean, they knew who I was personally.


So, this time around, and I’ve talked openly about this, I struggle with major cognitive challenges from chemotherapy. I call it chemo brain, which I don’t like that term because it can feel like it dismisses it. It’s a real, real major challenge to be able to think. I can’t think clearly. I felt anxiety after I did chemo for three years. I’ve never had anxiety before that. So, if you struggle with productivity, focus, anxiety, stress, depression, any of those things, I struggle with all of those things.


And yet, as of today, we’re sitting at about 7,000 preorders of the new book. And right now, it’s– what is today? Today, the damn recording, it is Wednesday, December 6th, so one week before this episode will go live. My goal was 10,000 copies of the new book and the 10,000 preorders, I should say. So, we’re 3,000 away. And it looks like we’re not able to get there. And then the goal for this first week is 15,000 copies because that’s what it takes to get on, that’s the minimum it takes typically to get on the New York Times bestseller list.


And that’s not something I care about, really, except for what it will do for the Miracle Morning mission. Let me explain that. I don’t care about being able to say I’m a New York Times bestselling author, like that does, literally, I don’t know if it’s nothing, but it’s really close to nothing for my ego. In fact, if anything, my ego actually leans on the other side of being able to say, hey, I’m not a New York Times bestselling author, I’m a self-published author. And we’ve sold 2 million copies of the Miracle Morning. I have more ego with that statement than I do, like, I’m a New York Times bestselling author.


So, anyway, why is that important to do, though? Because what that does is the reason I traditionally publish this new book, The Miracle Morning updated and expanded edition, was to reach more people and impact more lives with the Miracle Morning. The original book is self-published; therefore, it is not sold in retailers. It’s not at Walmart or Target or Costco or Barnes & Noble. It’s only on Amazon. And how many millions of books are sold at Walmart and Target and Costco and Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million, all these other retailers?


So, in order for those retailers to carry your book, they look at how many units you’ve sold. They look at the credibility of something like The New York Times bestselling book. And so, that’s the whole play here. I signed with the traditional publisher to get into retail stores to spread the impact of the Miracle Morning movement and the mission and the book. And if you heard me say this before, I don’t know if you have, but we’ve sold 2 or 3 million copies of the Miracle Morning worldwide. I don’t know the exact number because the foreign publishers are kind of– they don’t all report very well. It’s hard to know how many we’ve sold in certain countries, but we guesstimate we’re at least over 2 million, probably over 3 million.


And the way that I look at that is I feel, my perspective is that we have 8 billion plus people to still reach, 8 billion lives the Miracle Morning can transform that have not yet heard about the book. I went with the traditional publisher to be able to get into retail stores to reach more and more and more people. And I’m not delusional. I don’t think we’ll ever reach 8 billion people. But to me, it’s how can I spend my life impacting as many people as I possibly can with the Miracle Morning? And the reason that that’s the thing I’ve chosen is because of what you’ve told me, meaning, the 30,000 reviews on Amazon saying the Miracle Morning changed my life. It saved my life. It saved my marriage. It turned my financial situation around. It transformed my mental health challenges, on and on and on and on and on. The stories of people who have transformed their lives, your life with the Miracle Morning. That’s why I am so committed to keep doing this because every time I read a review or I give a speech and somebody approaches me and says, hey, and they’re in tears, often, saying, “The Miracle Morning helped me when I was at the most difficult time in my life.” That fuels me to go, I have to keep sharing this.


How many other people are out there like you that need the Miracle Morning in their lives. And yeah, a friend might tell them. I mean, a big part of the reason the Miracle Morning has sold millions of copies, especially in other countries, it’s not me. I’m not talking about Miracle Morning in Brazil, number one bestselling book in Brazil, number one bestselling book in Korea, top bestseller in France. I’m not talking about the book in these countries. You are. Meaning Miracle Morning practitioners, people that have read the book, that are doing the practice, that have had their lives transformed, you are talking about the book, you’re sharing with other people, and I can’t thank you enough for that because the impact of the Miracle Morning would not be where it is without you paying it forward and sharing with the people, right?


And it goes out saying that if you haven’t ordered copies of the book for friends and family for the holidays, please consider doing that. I mean, it is one of the best gifts that you can give to the people you love and the people that you lead. We’ve got people that have bought hundreds of copies for their clients, for their employees, and many that have bought five for their friends, their family, etc. In fact, tomorrow is the Miracle Year Live Virtual Event. And if you buy five copies of the Miracle Morning, you get five free tickets to that live event. And so, I guess, I would imagine that today would be the last day for you to do that. And the URL for that is TheNewMiracleMorning.com/event. That takes you directly to the page to buy tickets or books to get tickets to the live virtual event.


And you can buy just one ticket if you want to just get one for yourself. Again, that’s TheNewMiracleMorning.com/event. And if you haven’t preordered a copy of the book, you can do it at TheNewMiracleMorning.com or just go straight to Amazon if you want. Oh, actually, yeah, the book’s already out, so there are no more preorder bonuses, but you can still get tickets to the live event. So, if you want to get your book, it’d be on any retailer where you like to buy books, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Walmart, Target, whatever it is for you.


But that’s not why I’m talking about this. I’m talking about this to really share with you, I was going through, I’m sharing with you how to reach your goals even when you’re struggling, even when you feel like you’re failing, even when you’re having an identity crisis because who you are now may not be as capable of who you used to be. Maybe you lack the confidence that you used to. I know I do. Maybe you lack the brain power and the memory and the ability to focus that you used to. I do. I absolutely lack those things.


And I want to tell you, I live by something, and you probably know this, called the Miracle Equation. In fact, that’s what tomorrow, tomorrow’s Miracle Year Event is combining the Miracle Morning, the Miracle Equation, and the Miracle Life to make 2024 your best year ever. Well, I want to talk about the Miracle Equation right now because that is the formula that enables me to achieve things that I often doubt myself. I often feel like, oh, man, I’m not on track. I’m scared. I’ve been so scared the last few months, y’all. I’ve experienced so much fear the last few months. I’ve been afraid to ask for help.


I think I did a podcast on that a month or two ago. I’ve been scared to ask for help and it doesn’t make any sense. It’s like these illogical fears because whenever I ask for help, people are like, of course, of course, Hal, of course, I’ll help you, right? But I still, I have these illogical fears and insecurities and anxieties. And I envy. I envy the person I used to be. I didn’t used to have any of that, y’all. I didn’t have any of it. I used to be so confident and I had no anxiety. And yes, I had ADHD, but I could focus, significant focus on any project I was committed to. And now, I lack all of that.


And so, if you struggle in the same way where you feel like you’re not quite as capable as you used to be, if you feel that way, listen up, because that is where I’m at, it’s where I’ve been for the last three years, and yet, I still keep moving forward. I still keep pursuing major goals. I still keep accomplishing some big things in my life that are meaningful to me. And so, I want to talk about how to utilize the Miracle Equation so that you can do the same thing.


And what is the Miracle Equation? In case you don’t know, if you do know, here’s a refresher for you. And we all need a refresher because it’s so funny, a couple of months ago, I was talking to Brianna Greenspan and she said, “Hal, are you living the Miracle Equation right now?” Because I was telling her how I was scared and I had all this doubt and I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it. She goes, “Are you living the Miracle Equation right now?” I said, “Kind of. I’m definitely putting forth extraordinary effort, like I’m trying, but I feel like I’m just not, I’m not, I can’t, I’m not very efficient. I’m not very effective.” And she said, “Are you maintaining the unwavering faith? Because you talked about in that book and you’ve taught me the Miracle Equation many times to both decisions required. You’ve got to maintain unwavering faith every single day, even when you have doubt, even when you have fear. That’s what makes the faith unwavering because you don’t let the doubt and the fear derail you.” She said, “And you put forth extraordinary effort every day, regardless of your results along the way.” And she said, “It sounds to me like you are not maintaining faith.” I’m like, “You’re right. I’ve let fear override my faith.” And she said, “How can you get back to that unwavering faith that you used to have toward every goal that you set?” And she said, “If I were you, I would go back and read the Miracle Equation. You need your own medicine right now.” And I was like, “Interesting, okay.”


And so, I ended up going back and I started reading the book, and then I grabbed the audio book and I was going back and forth. But I listened to the Miracle Equation audiobook. And it’s really good. It’s really good. And I don’t think I’ve ever listened to it since I recorded it. I just recorded it. And then I’m like, you’re recording an audiobook. It’s such a long, overwhelming, draining process that the last thing you want to do is go back and listen to the entire audiobook. So, I never listened to it.


But as I’m listening, I’m reminded of my truth. I’m reminded of the things that, the lessons that I feel like God gave me, by the way. Like, I don’t take credit unless I learn something in a book from somebody. And they probably got it from God, I don’t know. But meaning, whenever I have an idea, I’m always like, “Thank you, God, for that idea.” And I’m often reminded as well that the things that I teach other people, I forget, I forget away. This applies to me first. I need to live the miracle equation, right? I need to live my SAVERS.


I do my Miracle Morning every day, but sometimes, I drift too far or I leave off. A few of the SAVERS, I don’t do them for a while, and then I’ll be doing a podcast talking about how every one of the SAVERS is so important. Each one will help you optimize your mental and emotional wellbeing and your focus and your courage and your confidence and on and on. And I’m reminded, wait, Hal, take your own advice. Like, you forget. And we all do that, by the way. Like, don’t just point the finger at me, right? You’ve done that before where you’re talking, you’re telling your kids what they need to do or that they need to eat healthier, that they shouldn’t be on their screens. And then you’re in the bathroom or you’re in the bedroom and you pull out your phone and you’re on your screen and you’re grabbing snacks when nobody’s looking.


So, we got to take our own advice. We have to take our own advice. And so, for me, this Miracle Equation unwavering faith and extraordinary effort. So, the unwavering faith piece, let me just say this, if you study the world’s most successful people, they maintain unwavering faith. And it’s not easy for them. For some, it might be. For some people, they have unshakable confidence. I feel like I used to have that, so it was easier for me to maintain unwavering faith, the old me, because I had unshakable confidence.


And then when I went through the cancer journey and the chemo and the brain damage from that, I’m just not the same person. I wish I was. And I try to be, I try so hard to be. And Brianna reminded me the other day. She said, “Hal, stop trying to be who you used to be, and instead start applying what you know to who you currently are.” I’m going to say that again. Stop trying to be, or maybe another way, better way of saying this, stop wishing you were who you used to be. Stop trying to be who you used to be, and instead start applying what you know to who you are.


In fact, you guys, I’m going to actually send that to myself right now because, stop– bear with me for just a minute. Stop trying to be who you used to be, and instead apply what you know to who you currently are. Ooh, that’s powerful. I don’t know if that’s exactly how Brianna said it, but I like that. So, point being, here’s how I applied it, and here’s how she kind of coached me through it. She said, Hal, for you, your extraordinary effort, for example, so there’s the unwavering faith and the extraordinary effort. Well, let’s go to the unwavering faith. She said, “The unwavering faith used to be easy for you, Hal, because you were super confident. And it came natural to you.” She said, “It doesn’t come natural to most people.” She said, “So, if you’re teaching this to other people that might be in a current state of self-doubt or fear or insecurity, maybe they don’t have the reference points in their life.” Maybe this applies to you. Like, at 19, I started in sales and that’s when I really developed the confidence. I didn’t have confidence before that. But I started building confidence because I was working really hard, I was getting results.


And then, about a year and a half later, I developed the Miracle Equation and I realized, wow, the results I’ve been getting are because I’ve been maintaining unwavering faith that I can achieve these goals even when I’m not on track for them. I just keep going and believing until the last minute. And usually, they happen in miraculous fashion. And I mentioned if you study the world’s most successful sports figures, for example, and you can apply this to any area of life, they maintain unwavering faith that they can win the game until the buzzer goes off, right? Take Michael Jordan. It’s like, “Hey, Michael, we’re down by seven and there’s only 13 seconds left in the game.” I think it was Reggie Miller. There were 13 seconds left in the game, down by seven points. And that is nearly impossible. How are you going to score seven points in 13 seconds when as soon you score one point, the ball goes to the other team, right? And Reggie ended up getting the ball in one second and he scored a three pointer. And then he stole the inbound pass, shot a three pointer and got fouled on it, and ended up scoring seven points in 13 seconds. I could be wrong on the points or the seconds a little bit, but that was the general idea. It was unbelievable. And I was watching that game, it was probably 20 years ago.


But here’s the point. How did he do that? How did he create a miracle for him and his team? And how can you actually apply the same thing to your life? Well, think about it. When 99.9% of human beings on the planet, including probably the best basketball players out there, would have given up the faith that it was possible to win the game with only 13 seconds to go and down seven points, Reggie Miller maintained unwavering faith that somehow, some way, whether it was by his own hand or the grace of God or I believe it was both, that he could somehow, he wasn’t going to give up. He was going to maintain unwavering faith until the last possible moment that he could win that game. And he did. He maintained unwavering faith, and he put forth the extraordinary effort. He shot the three. He didn’t give up, he didn’t run back to the other side of the court. He went for the steal. He stole the inbound pass and he hit another three. Then he got fouled and he made his foul shots, right?


If you study the world’s most successful people in all walks of life and this is what I’ve applied to my own life from achieving huge sales goals back in the day and breaking records to writing the Miracle Morning, to selling a million copies, to beating cancer, every goal I’ve achieved, I maintained unwavering faith that I could and I put forth extraordinary effort for as long as it took. And what Brianna reminded me of the other day, as I was complaining that I’m not the same person I used to be, I don’t have the same mental abilities. And this is what I was talking about, too, I said, you guys, it used to take me maybe 20 minutes to write an email to send out to you, if you’re listening, people, right? I said, this email that I just wrote, it took me, I think, it was either three hours or five hours over the course of like three days.


So, imagine, and maybe you can relate to this, I don’t think most of you can, but imagine something that used to take you 20 minutes now takes you three to five hours. So, what my life looks like over the last three years is have a to-do list on my schedule, okay, I need to get these four things done today or these five things done today. And the first thing on the list will take up the entire day. And some of it’s not even done. And this isn’t like a woe is me. I’m just giving you a peek behind the curtain.


And so, it makes me really discouraged. And I feel like I’m failing every single day because I have so many things I need to get done and they take me forever because my brain just doesn’t function the way it used to. And it takes me forever to write things and to remember things and to think through things and to prioritize things and all of that. And so, what Brianna said to me is she said, Hal– because I was feeling really down on how I haven’t– I feel like I didn’t get done. I feel like I left so much on the table during this book launch. I dropped so many balls, didn’t get so many things done I intended to get done. And she said, “Hal, I want you to zoom out and I want you to think of this from the Miracle Equation perspective.” I said, “Okay. What do you mean?” And she said, “Did you maintain unwavering faith?” I said, “My faith was wavering. But thanks to the conversation I had with you, I was reminded and I pulled out my affirmations and I reminded myself I have unwavering faith that I can sell a minimum of 10,000 copies of the new Miracle Morning book and get on the New York Times bestseller list.”


Now, I don’t know if we got on the New York Times bestseller list because we won’t know that for probably about a week from now. And the odds are that we’re not going to, but I don’t know. But I’m just given unwavering faith. I maintain the unwavering faith that it’s possible. And so, I told her, “Yes, I’ve maintained unwavering faith.” And by the way, unwavering faith doesn’t mean that your faith never wavers. It means when it wavers, you get it back, right? When you realize, oh, man, for the last few days or few weeks or few months, I have been in a fear state. I have lacked unwavering faith that I could reach my goal. I’ve been living in fear and doubt and uncertainty. Unwavering faith doesn’t mean that your faith never wavers. It means that when you remember, when you become conscious that your faith is wavering, you recommit to maintain unwavering faith. And it’s like a roller coaster. It’s like, oh, I’m up, I’m doing good. Oh, man, I’m really doubting myself. Wait, I’m going up.


And how do you do that, by the way? There’s a very important, very crucial, very simple solution or strategy for maintaining unwavering faith. It’s doing it in writing, doing it in writing. So, meaning in the Miracle Equation book, and it’s funny that this is about the Miracle Morning updated and expanded edition. This is launch week, but I can’t help but talk about the book because this is where I’m drawing this information from, right? It’s in the Miracle Equation. But in terms of in the Miracle Equation book, I talk about how you create a Miracle Equation affirmation, which is an affirmation that combines unwavering faith and extraordinary effort. It basically says, I will maintain unwavering faith that I can blank, and that blank is whatever you’re committed to.


So, for me, the blank is, sell a minimum of 10,000 copies, that’s the minimum goal. But the high goal for me is sell enough copies, you never know the exact number to get on the New York Times bestseller list so that we can reach and impact more people with the Miracle Morning. That’s my Miracle Equation affirmation is I’ll maintain unwavering faith in that result. And the second piece of that is I’ll put forth extraordinary effort every single day, whether I feel like it or not, to reach my goal. And I’m going off memory. I don’t have it memorized. But that’s the general Miracle Equation affirmation that I’ve had in writing. And so, you can apply that to your life.


So, you combine the unwavering faith and the extraordinary effort in an affirmation. The Miracle Equation affirmation for you is I will maintain unwavering faith that I can blank or that I will blank, whatever your outcome is, whatever your goal is, and I’ll put forth extraordinary effort every single day or five days a week, whatever you’re committed to, whether I feel like it or not. See, that’s the crucial part of making the Miracle Equation work in your life. It’s the I will maintain unwavering faith no matter what and put forth extraordinary effort, even if I don’t feel like it. Because more often than not, we’re going to be faced with our humanity, which comes with self-doubt and fear and insecurity.


And so, for me, the last few months have been really difficult. But the Miracle Equation is I read those affirmations and I just every day was like, all right, I’m going to face the fear, I’m going to face the anxiety. I feel stressed. I feel overwhelmed. This is really, really hard. And the easy thing to do would be to go to give up. It would be to hide. I’ve been so tempted to just give up and just to hide and just– I don’t want to let people down. I don’t want to let you down. I don’t want to let the person down that doesn’t yet know about the Miracle Morning and they need me to do one more thing today and one more thing tomorrow, to share the Miracle Morning with somebody. Maybe it’s with you that will share it with them. Or maybe they get turned on to the podcast and that’s how they just go, however it is.


For me, it’s just every day doing something. That’s the extraordinary effort, by the way. Let me actually make clear. Extraordinary effort doesn’t mean you work 60 hours a week. It means you do one thing every day. It’s more about consistency than it is about doing so much that you get burned out. It’s about consistency. Doing at least one thing every day that moves you forward toward the goal that you set, the mission that you’re on, the outcome that you’re committed to working towards. So, that’s it. I’m going to wrap with that.


The Miracle Morning updated and expanded edition came out yesterday. You can order a copy on Amazon or Barnes & Noble or Target or Walmart or wherever. And if you already have your own copy, consider ordering a copy for a friend or family member to pay it forward and gift for the holidays. To me, it’s one of the best gifts you can give because it’s the gift of transformation. It’s the gift of giving someone a book that can help them with their mental and emotional wellbeing, that can help them overcome their challenges, achieve their goals, start every day in a peak physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state so that they can show up for the people they love and the people they lead at the better, best version themselves.


And remember, this mission that we’re on, the Miracle Morning mission is to elevate the consciousness of humanity one morning and one person at a time because when we do our Miracle Morning and you know this from experience, unless you’re brand new and you’ve never done the Miracle Morning, if you’ve done the Miracle Morning, you know that the days you do your Miracle Morning, you feel better and you are more capable of doing better. You elevate your consciousness by becoming more aware and intentional about how your thoughts, your words, and your actions impact your life and the lives of every person that you come in contact with. And so, from that place, I believe that we all have a responsibility to start our day with our Miracle Morning so that we can serve our loved ones, our friends or family, our clients or colleagues and humanity at the highest level.


All right, friends and family, goal achievers, you’re all my friends, you’re all my family, we’re part of the human family, I love you so much. Thank you for your support. Thank you for listening today. And may your life be blessed. I hope you love the new edition of the Miracle Morning. I hope it blesses your life and I will talk to you next week.


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