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377: Mastering Your Family Life with Jon Vroman

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"Where we really start to master our family life is when we start to master our own emotions internally."

Jon Vroman

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Finding the balance between work life and family life isn’t always easy. Whether you’re a father, a mother, or a spouse without kids, there’s no feeling quite like that of thriving in your personal relationships. But it takes hard work, setting priorities, and a strong community to truly thrive. 

Today, I’m speaking to one of my closest friends, Jon Vroman. We just spent four days together at a retreat led by his organization, Front Row Dads – a group for entrepreneurial-minded dads who believe in family first. Since 2016, I’ve watched Jon help men and their families learn, grow, and level up. 

In this conversation, Jon and I talk about what he’s learned from five years of leading Front Row Dads. You’ll learn how to create breakthroughs in your relationships, rethink the act of resolving conflict, improve your emotional intelligence, and discover actionable strategies to enhance and even master your family life. 

And if you like this episode, Jon and I will also be hosting a FREE online group masterclass—specifically for husband and fathers—called “Family Man Mastery” on Tuesday, June 1st at 12:00 p.m. EST. If you’re interested, you can go to to sign up now.


  • The importance of modeling good relationships for your kids, no matter what kind of family you have.
  • How to transform your marriage by focusing on being the perfect partner for your spouse.
  • How to unpack and make sense of what happens when you’re triggered.
  • How to reframe situations when you feel like you’re truly out of alignment with your spouse.
  • What you can do to build a legacy in real-time for your children to treasure in the years and decades to come.
  • And much more! :^)


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  1. Andi C on December 2, 2021 at 7:30 pm

    Hal, I checked out your interview on front row dads because I liked the content on this podcast. I was not prepared for what you had to say, I actually cried in the produce section of target and forgot to buy my salad dressing. I was affecting by it as in I would love for my husband to be able to help dispel my biggest fears and insecurities about our marriage, but I am trying to flip it around to the other perspective, from the wife’s perspective, thinking about what I can do for my husband. So my question is, if your wife were to do the equivalent thing for you that you had done for her, would it have been the same actions? How could she choose you all the time while still holding a deep fear that you may leave? And how would she get to the heart of what your bigger deepest fear in the marriage is and support you there? The deepest fears are of course different for everyone, but from a mans perspective what could a wife do that would have the same effect as your actions did with your wide? Do you think the approach is potentially different for men and women or do you think it’s essentially the same? Your interview was deeply moving and helpful, thank you for it.

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