Episode 289: The Most Important Personal Development Practice with Chip Franks

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"The seed of an idea, that nothing that starts in our brain, when it gets written down into paper, it's that magic moment when that nothing starts to become something."

Chip Franks

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If you practice The Miracle Morning (and specifically the S.A.V.E.R.S.), I think you’re going to love today’s *special* episode of the Achieve Your Goals podcast!

Today, we’re doing something a little different. Instead of our usual podcast format—where our guests talk about how they achieved their goals and how to get more done—I’m giving the floor over to my good friend and Chief Miracle Worker, Chip Franks, for a training and tutorial to help you get the most out of your Miracle Morning “Scribing” (aka “Journaling”) practice.

Among many things, Chip has one of the most effective Scribing practice I’ve ever seen. Though he goes through almost 250 pages in his journal every month, he rarely spends more than about 15 minutes a day scribing. He believes that it is the most important personal-development practice that exists and a powerful way to turn ideas into action.

Chip also journals to deal with anxiety and overwhelm, have a conversation with himself, and become an objective third-party with himself when he needs it the most.

Today, Chip joins the podcast to share 10 techniques to optimize your Scribing practice. I’d love to see you commit to giving the ones that make sense for you a try – and see how scribing can change your life for the better.


  • The Dear Diary Technique: how to get your day out of your head and into a journal.
  • The Daily Appreciation: how to actively appreciate things in your life, even if they’re obstacles or challenges – and what makes this different from gratitude.
  • The Great Day Exercise: an idea session about what you can do to make today amazing.
  • The Daily Intention: how to create a To Be list as opposed to a To Do list and write the perfect script for how you’ll show up today.
  • My Want List: how to get clear and specific on your goals as possible to put your subconscious to work to help script your life.
  • The Perfect Day Exercise: how to envision your best day (and how it can change your entire career).
  • The Problem Solver: how to stop playing out worst-case scenarios in your head and get problems to stop weighing on your soul.
  • Dear Self Technique: how to write a letter to your present self from the future to explore everything you want to achieve.
  • Daily Wins: how to close mental loops, celebrate victories of all sizes, and realize how much more you’ve achieved than you might have thought.
  • The Idea List: a revolutionary technique that helped me beat depression and open new doors in my life.


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"The cool thing about human beings is when we ask a question or if we issue a problem, our magnificent minds just go to work on solving it and it."

Chip Franks

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