440: Could Your Purpose Be This Simple?

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I recently came across an eye-opening, insightful passage by an unknown author. In it, the writer talked about what purpose really is in a way I had never quite heard before. I shared it across social media and people expressed that it really resonated with them.

So, today I want to share that passage with you. Then, I want to help you explore different ways to look at your purpose in life. You’ll hear insights from thought leaders including Eckhart Tolle and Matthew Kelly, and others.

My conclusion is that we have the ability to choose or create a purpose that makes sense for our life, to change our purpose at any time, and to live in alignment with it at all times.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to define, simplify, and live for your purpose like never before.


  • Why we create—rather than find—our purpose in life.
  • How our search for purpose can lead us in pursuit of love, spirituality, success, contribution and so many other valuable aspirations.
  • Why purpose, values, and guiding principles are all interrelated.
  • Simple things you can do to share your gifts, live in alignment with your purpose, and help others.
  • How to define (and redefine) your purpose.


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11 Responses

  1. This was phenomenal. Thank you for sharing, so much of this resonated with me and with the long, winding road I have followed to align myself with my own self-created purpose in Life and Living Lovingly. I will definitely be picking up the books you mentioned by Michael Singer, Matthew Kelly, and Tim Sanders. Sending you so much gratitude and appreciation and capital “L” Love!

    1. Thanks, Ryan, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m reciprocating and sending you so much gratitude and appreciate and capital “L” Love! :^)

  2. This was so apropos to this particular time in my life, as I’m beginning a new journey. This new path is embracing a more substantial purpose in “adding value” to the people in my life ~ friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers.

    Thank you, Hal, and God bless,

    ann marquette

      1. Thank Hal. That was really eye opening. I love the idea of selflessly adding value as a life purpose. Sometimes I find that pursuing self improvement leaves me surrounded by myself and It’s not a healthy place to be. Love the app by the way. Kieran

  3. Hal, thank you for leading the way be you being the best example of someone living on purpose in all you do. It is so appreciative. I have watch you evolve over the years in your teachings yet this has always been the central theme and your constant core value
    Blessings and love and sincere gratitude for who you are!

    1. Jacqueline, thank you so much for your kind words, love, support, and encouragement!! 🙏🏼❤️

  4. Thank you, Hal! I particularly find Matthew Kelly inspiring. Thanks also for the app upgrades; one thing I noticed (maybe I’m missing something here) is that the app doesn’t let you save your prior affirmations or journal entries once you add a new one. It’s nice to save them all. I hope there’s a fix for this. Thanks again for all you do! Mary U.

    1. Hi Mary, you’re welcome! As for the app, do you know if you have the latest version (which you can update by going to the app in the app store)? The reason I ask is that you can now save all of your affirmations and journal entries!

  5. This podcast got me thinking about this perennial question that keeps playing hide-and-seek with all of us.
    As I organize my thoughts, I would like to view this on 2 levels.
    At the top level, I feel the purpose is one and simple for us all, that is, to be of service to fellow humans.
    On the next level, the question is how can I be of service to my fellow human beings?
    Now the answer to this is going to be different for different people. Because the answer to this relates to one’s unique talents, passions, gifts, etc.
    I think this is where most of us struggle.

    PS: Hal, Thanks for talking about the app in the podcast – I downloaded it this morning,

    1. Viraj, these are excellent insights, questions, and considerations. Thank you for sharing, and you’re very welcome for talking about the app! 🙏🏼❤️

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