444: How to Overcome Procrastination

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Procrastination is something we all struggle with, and it prevents us from achieving our goals and dreams. If you’re a human being, I know you can relate! We all put off things we know we need to do, no matter how important they are.

In today’s episode, I want to talk to you about four (4) of the primary reasons we procrastinate and propose four (4) solutions to these common challenges we all face. You’ll learn how to identify patterns that don’t serve you, get rid of the obstacles in your way, and find the energy to generate unstoppable momentum.


  • Why procrastination is a perpetual mindset that can entrap us for days, months, or years.
  • Why fear, lack of clarity, and lack of energy drive us to procrastinate.
  • Why we almost always want to do what’s easy—and how procrastination can lead you into a perpetual cycle of self-defeat.
  • How to understand and make sense of your fears, get clarity over your mission, get energized, and reorient your life around your goals.
  • Why nothing can stop you but you–and why you CAN become unstoppable.


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