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419: How to Optimize Your Most Important Relationships

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“The key to having a successful, fulfilling relationship has less to do with the other person and everything to do with how I choose to perceive and treat them.”

Hal Elrod

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Do you ever struggle with your significant other, or with any of the other important relationships in your life (family, friends, co-workers, etc.)?

Today’s episode is designed to empower you from the perspective that it only takes ONE person to transform a relationship,  a concept that I first learned from Stacey & Paul Martino, co-authors of The Miracle Morning for Transforming Your Relationship.

In other words, the key to having a successful relationship has much less to do with the other person, and almost everything to do with how you choose to perceive and treat them. Your perception informs your behavior, and both create your reality.


  • How to transform any relationship by altering your perception.
  • The affirmations I read every day to optimize my marriage and how I feel about my wife.
  • My most up-to-date process for creating effective affirmations.
  • How to turn relationship struggles into an opportunity to grow and evolve as a person.
  • Tools you can use to reprogram your nervous system and subconscious mind to improve your relationships and show up for the people you care about, even in tough times.


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