423: What You’ve Never Been Told About Meditation

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“If you can take care of yourself and you can be at your best, then you're able to not only enjoy the life you have, create the life you want, you're also able to be the best version of you for the people that you love and the people that you lead.” - Hal Elrod

Hal Elrod

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If you’re someone who meditates, your practice probably entails taking 10-20 minutes out of your busy day to sit in silence.

Does that time give you a sense of peace, calm, and clarity? Most likely—for those 20 minutes.

But what happens when you end your meditation? Do you continue to go through your day with those same levels of peace, calm, and clarity? Or do you become reactive to the outside forces and succumb to your inner turmoil?

Meditation will get you nowhere. Meditativeness will give you the keys to your inner kingdom. The unserious man puts in his obligatory 20 minutes of meditation, in order to fulfill his daily quota, but the one who is truly serious transforms every single thing that he does into a meditation. In short, he becomes meditative.” —Kapil Gupta

In today’s episode, I’m excited to start by reading a short chapter from the book, Atmamun: The Path to Achieving the Bliss of the Himalayan Swamis and the Freedom of a Living God, written by Kapil Gupta, MD, and then sharing how I implement it, including asking a simple but powerful question that you can begin using immediately.

You’ll learn how to reframe your world, approach every moment of your life in a meditative state—and discover how it feels to live in a heightened state of being and awareness.


  • Why meditating to fulfill a daily quota doesn’t permanently eliminate stressors.
  • What meditation is really about and why it doesn’t work for the overwhelming majority of people who practice it.
  • How emotional optimization meditation works and why it’s one of my favorite forms of meditation.
  • The question my former coach asked me that unlocked the door to inner freedom.
  • How approaching everything from a meditative state brings joy to everything you do.


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