422: Moving From Mediocrity to Mastery

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From time to time, we all tend to settle for less than we truly want and are capable of, at least in some areas of our life. Today we’re going to explore how to identify which areas you’re settling in, what’s causing you to settle, and then commit to taking simple actions that will move you forward and set a course for a Level 10 life. 

About six months ago, as I was journaling, I realized that I was settling for mediocrity in some of the most important areas of my life. I assessed my health, my finances, my marriage, my role as a parent, and my happiness. I felt like I was just going through the motions and stuck in a rut. 

So, I asked myself, “Where am I?” “Why am I settling for less?” and “What can I do to immediately move me from mediocrity to mastery in the most important areas of my life?”

Today, I’m sharing a very vulnerable entry from my own journal, revealing my self-coaching process, and inviting you to improve your own life. Be prepared not just to listen and take notes, but to take action.


  • Why calling yourself or someone else mediocre isn’t judgmental.
  • How and why I rated myself at different levels across my life in my assessment.
  • Questions you can ask yourself and tools you can use to assess where you’re excelling and where you may be mediocre.
  • How I took my performance from mediocre to masterful in my past.
  • The powerful affirmation you can use to chart a course to mastery right now.


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  1. Hal, Thank you for this podcast. I am getting ready to do my circle of life and grade myself with mostly 4s. I know that I am better than where I am now. I have not worked for the last few years. I had some money in the bank and now I am just very lazy. I have a great opportunity. I have Miranda Martin as my boss and I just need to get out of my way so that I can become a 10. I know I can be a master of my skills, I just need to get focused. I started my day off with your podcast and prayers. What would you suggest for me to start?

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