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349: How We Made a Documentary (Behind the Scenes of The Miracle Morning Movie)

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“If you're a person that has a dream right now and you want access to these really big influencers, you've got to add value first.”

Theresa Laurico

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I think you’re going to love today’s podcast episode!  Maybe I’m a little biased, but I really had a blast with this one. :^D 

It’s a “behind the scenes” conversation from last week, between me and The Miracle Morning Movie team – Director (Nick Conedera) and Producer (Theresa Laurico) – on what it took to make this film. 

How do you make a documentary? How do you take an idea, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing, and turn it into a full-length feature film for an audience of millions? 

I’ve spent the last several years trying to answer these questions as I’ve worked on the Miracle Morning Movie. Nick and Theresa have provided me with invaluable guidance and support on this journey. They are some of my closest friends, a big part of my life, and advocates of the Miracle Morning mission and movement – and they helped inspire this incredible vision and turn it into a reality.

Today, you’ll learn the story behind the Miracle Morning Movie, how we built a powerful network of people all over the world to contribute to the film, and the many challenges, delays, and complications we all faced along the way.


  • How a documentary can demonstrate transformative change and tell a powerful story that goes far beyond a book.
  • The strategies we used to connect with hard-to-reach individuals while we were making the movie.
  • How Nick’s creative process changed while making a documentary after finishing his first feature film.
  • Why storytelling has such a unique, transformative power, especially in challenging times like these.
  • What you can expect from the Miracle Morning Movie LIVE Online World Premiere & Immersive Experience.


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