401: How to Apply the Miracle Morning for Your Family

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Today, I’m bringing you a conversation with my dear friends, Mike & Lindsay McCarthy, who are also the co-authors for the two newest Miracle Morning books: 

The first is the Updated & Expanded 2nd edition of The Miracle Morning for Parents & Families (available on Amazon)

And the second… 

Is the brand new Miracle Morning for Parents & Families PLAYBOOK (also available on Amazon) which gives you seven (7) actionable Exercises & Worksheets to implement what you learn from the book, including:

  • Exercise #1: Your Family Bedtime Ritual Worksheet
  • Exercise #2: Your Family Miracle Morning Worksheet
  • Exercise #3: Your Family Values Worksheet
  • Exercise #4: Kids’ S.T.A.R.R. Chart Worksheet
  • Exercise #5: Kids’ Screen Time Contract Worksheet
  • Exercise #6: Your Family Goals Worksheet
  • Exercise #7: Your Family Meeting Agenda Worksheet

We believe that strong, healthy families are crucial to a healthy society. Thus, we are committed to elevating the consciousness of humanity by sharing the life-changing power of the Miracle Morning with as many parents and families as possible! 

In today’s conversation, we talk about what it means to parent with intention, what inspired their Family Playbook (and how to use it), and the systems, rhythms, and rituals that have helped them level up as parents.



  • Why entrepreneurs often struggle to bring their knowledge of leadership and teams home to their families. How the McCarthys look at goals, family values and the definition of identity.



  • What a McCarthy family dream session (or meeting) looks like—and how they stop these sessions from turning into bickering.



  • The three Ps of exceptional parenting.



  • The valuable conversations that Mike and Lindsay’s works opened up within their own family—and how they can help yours as well.





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