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424: Your Last Bad Day with Michael O’Brien

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“I had to heal my mind in order to heal my body. I knew I had to start my mornings differently, but I also had to get my noggin straight because I was a mess up in my mind and I knew that was delaying the type of progress I really wanted to make.”

Michael OBrien

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Michael O’Brien’s last bad day was July 11th, 2001. Riding his bike in New Mexico, he was hit head on by an SUV traveling 40 miles per hour and left crippled on the side of the road.

“I remember the sound of me hitting his grill… the thud I made as I crashed onto the asphalt below, and the screech of his brakes.”

Wanting to make the best of the situation, Michael promised himself that if he survived, he’d stop trying to chase happiness and begin truly enjoying every day—a profound lesson we can all learn from.

In today’s episode, Michael shares the story of what happened on his last bad day and how he reframed his situation over the course of several months to heal his mind and body. We dive into how he discovered Pause-Breathe-Reflect meditation, what his daily practice looks like, and how you can immediately begin applying his mindset to your life.


  • How changing the conversations we have with ourselves helps us become more compassionate when we talk with others.
  • Why Michael had to shift his mindset to truly heal after his accident–and how the day of his injury became his last bad day.
  • Why all events in our lives are neutral until we label them–and how Michael processes bad, angry, and sad moments in his life without letting them define his experience.
  • Why Michael does something monumental on the anniversary of his injury every year–and why he’s going on a 4,300 mile bike ride from Astoria, Oregon to Yorktown, Virginia this summer.


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