434: How to Be Mentally Prepared for Anything

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Earlier this year, we talked about how to prepare yourself “logistically” for the challenges that might be on the horizon, such as the likelihood of a major recession, and supply chain issues that are causing shortages of everything from baby formula to microchips to paper, and most concerning – the coming food shortages that many have been anticipating. 

But no matter how much logistical preparation we do, we can’t be prepared for anything, because we can’t predict the future. 

However, there’s an entire other aspect of preparation that we do have the ability to be prepared for anything, and that is “mental” preparation. 

You’ve probably heard me say this many times over the years, no matter what your circumstances are, you have the ability to control your emotional state. While most people allow the world around them to determine how they feel (which often causes fear, anxiety, and depression)—you can learn how to maintain the optimal emotional state even when facing the most difficult circumstances.

In today’s episode, I’m going to give you three (3) strategies to be mentally prepared for ANYTHING—no matter what the world throws your way.


  • How society conditions us to be emotionally reactive and how this holds us back.
  • The beauty and power of taking total control of your emotional state.
  • What really causes our fear and how to transcend it.
  • How to practice choosing your optimal emotional state even when facing daily challenges.
  • The magic of focusing your attention on what you can control–and only what you can control.


Nothing is good or bad. You just reacted as if it was.” – Derek Sivers

Every experience, good or bad, difficult or easy, fun or painful, every experience you have is an asset if you choose to see it that way.” – Hal Elrod

Every fear we have, it’s not because of the thing we’re afraid of. Our fears are caused by our perceived inability to handle the things we’re afraid of.” – Hal Elrod

Most actions are a pursuit of emotions. You think you want to take action or own a thing, but what you really want is the emotion you think it’ll bring. Skip the actions. Go straight for the emotions. Practice feeling emotions intentionally instead of using actions to create them.” – Derek Sivers

I don’t prepare so I lay awake at night worrying about stuff. I prepare so that I can sleep well at night knowing that I have prepared.” – Jon Vroman


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