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406: From Paycheck to Purpose with Ken Coleman

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“Uniqueness is the source of our greatness, not how much money we make, how many people know our name, or how much power we have. It is that unique contribution that makes us great.”

Ken Coleman

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How do you go from doing work that makes you money to doing work that fulfills you—and could even be called your dream job?

To help you answer this question I’m speaking with Ken Coleman. Ken is a career expert, as well as the host of The Ken Coleman Show, where he helps people discover not just what they were born to do, but how to turn their dream career into a reality. He explores this even further in his new book, Paycheck to Purpose, which I’m reading right now.

Today, Ken returns to the podcast to talk about how to love your craft, make a unique contribution to the world that only you can make, and his step-by-step process for bringing your work into alignment with your passion and mission.


  • Why the concept of a “dream job” has become such a cliche—and how bad jobs and our cynicism toward the idea of work hold us back.
  • Why there are more jobs, career paths, and dream jobs in the “sweet spot” than you probably think—and the connection between dream jobs and entrepreneurship.
  • Why people who believe they have nothing to offer others are operating out of fear—and how to break that cycle and create opportunities.


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