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340: One Technique to Upgrade Your Meditation Practice

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julianna raye

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years, but it may be more important for you now than ever before. There is no denying that we are living through a global mental health crisis, and many of us are facing some of the most intense challenges of our lives.

Julianna Raye is a master of mindfulness, which is why I asked her to join me for today’s podcast. In addition to her more than 12,000 hours of personal practice, I’ve witnessed her lead thousands of members of our community through guided meditation, and her techniques have transformed my personal meditation practice.

Today, Julianna returns to the podcast to share a powerful technique you can start using right now to transform your meditation practice.


  • How a 20-something Julianna used meditation to overcome anxiety and depression.
  • The differences between “Equanimity,” “Sensory Clarity,“ and “Concentration Power” and how meditation can enable you to develop all three skills.
  • How to incorporate Julianna’s “See-Hear-Feel” technique into your daily mindfulness process in order to minimize distraction and make the ordinary aspects of life become extraordinary.
  • Why meditation doesn’t need to be sitting down with your eyes closed and a timer on to be effective – and how your daily practice can help you concentrate, dial in, and get in the zone when you need it most.


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