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415: How To Lead Your Community with Jon Berghoff

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“One of the lessons we've learned about building community and building engaging gatherings is that in order to be inclusive, we actually often have to be exclusive.”

Jon Berghoff

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I mentioned this in an email I sent you on Monday (Subject Line: Your Community Needs YOU Now More Than Ever), and today I’m delivering a podcast to you on this topic.

As a society and as human beings, we’re facing unprecedented challenges. Like never before, people are disconnected, lonely, divided, and prone to conflict. In this moment, however, we have the power to step up and lead our communities—our families, our workplaces, our clients, and humanity as a whole.

But what does it actually look like to become that leader for your community? To help me answer that question, I’m excited to welcome Jon Berghoff back to the podcast. In today’s conversation, Jon and I walk you through powerful frameworks he uses to help leaders, entrepreneurs, and even companies like BMW unlock their collective wisdom—and how you can use them in your own life and work today.

You’ll also have the opportunity to learn more about the FREE Workshop that Jon will be hosting for our community on February 9th, to dive even deeper into this topic. If you’d like to find out more and sign up, click here.


  • Why people are so hungry for leadership right now.
  • Why our brains react badly when the world changes faster than we can adapt.
  • How an inner practice gives you the power to best serve your people, create meaningful connections, and have an impact.
  • How to use the frameworks Jon has designed to encourage learning, collaboration, and positive interactions in groups.
  • Why you have to be exclusive in order to be inclusive.
  • What you can expect from our upcoming training on February 9th.


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