John Assaraf

347: How to Program Your Brain to Achieve Your Goals with John Assaraf

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“Success leaves clues, and our patterns determine what we do or don't do”

John Assaraf

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This is truly one of my favorite interviews I’ve ever done. I’ve been a fan of John Assaraf for over a decade. Like millions of people did, I discovered him through his appearance in the 500-million+ copy selling documentary, The Secret.

John is also a NY Times bestselling author and the founder of NeuroGym, where he helps equip people with the tools to repattern, rescript, and reshape their subconscious patterns.

Today, John joins the podcast to talk about the neuroscience beneath goal achievement, how thoughts lead to behavior that generates results, and the “innercises” you can start doing now to figure out how to start forging a path forward, eliminate obstacles, and create a clear path to your goals.


  • How John ended up in The Secret – and why he loves the movie, but also thinks that it can set people down the wrong path.  
  • Why you have to apply the law of GOYA – getting off your ass – in addition to the law of attraction in order to start seeing results. 
  • The difference between thoughts and how we think them – and why this matters so much. 
  • How John’s innercises give people the power to retrain their brains and break out of instinctual thought and behavior patterns. 
  • How to be adaptable in uncertain times – and how intention and skill can make all the difference.


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