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Episode 325: How to Develop a 5-minute Spiritual Practice with Jenai Lane

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“Being out of our mind is actually the key to knowing ourselves, knowing our true self to be stationed in essence.”

Jenai Lane

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As we see with so many millionaires, celebrities, and other highly successful individuals – achieving the success we think we want doesn’t always provide us with the deep fulfillment that we truly desire. So, how do we combine outer success with inner fulfillment?

Today, you’ll meet one of my coaches, Jenai Lane, who has helped me do exactly that. She provides people all over the world with tools to awaken their greatest visions, experience fulfillment, and discover their true selves.

Jenai is an award-winning entrepreneur, creator of the Spirit Coach Method, and author of Spirit Led Instead: The Little Tool Book of Limitless Transformation. Through her work, she explores how you can move from being led by your head to being led by your spirit, higher consciousness, infinite wisdom, source energy, God, or whatever you call the highest power in the universe.

Jenai Lane joins the podcast today to talk about not only why a spiritual practice is so valuable, but how you can cultivate your own – in just five minutes each day – to illuminate the spirit within.


  • How the deep longing underneath Jenai’s American dream led her to become a spiritual teacher, author, and coach.
  • How hitting the figurative “tuning fork” attracts harmony into our lives and helps us live in our hearts, rather than our heads.
  • Why Jenai Lane didn’t think meditation was for her – and how she created an effective practice for herself and many others.
  • What makes a daily spiritual practice so powerful – and how to use Jenai’s three C’s framework to create one for yourself.


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Hal Elrod: Hey, goal achievers and members of the Miracle Morning community. This is Hal Elrod and I just finished a conversation that you are about to hear with Jenai Lane. And Jenai Lane is my coach. She's been a coach of mine for about a year, maybe a little more, and I actually met her through a good friend of mine, Michael McCarthy. Mike McCarthy is the co-author of the Miracle Morning for Parents and Families, a good friend of mine, a neighbor actually right across the street. And Mike was telling about Jenai and how he's coached with her for, don't quote me, I think it's like 13 years, maybe 11 years, something like that. But he's coached with her twice a month, every month for over a decade. And I went, “Okay. I got to talk to this woman like I've had a few coaches in my day and I've never stuck with anybody for more than a few years, let alone over a decade. And so, I thought she must be pretty special. And as you'll find out today, she is.

Jenai operates from a different place than most people do. And what I mean by that is most of us operate from our head and our lives are dictated by our thoughts, and our actions are chosen based on those thoughts, why we really identify with our mind, and with our ego. Jenai is the author of a book called Spirit Led Instead: The Little Tool Book of Limitless Transformation. I'm rereading the book right now, prepping for our interview and I love this book. It really talks about how do you move from being led by your head to being led by your spirit or led by higher consciousness or infinite wisdom, source energy, God, whatever you call the highest power in the universe. How do you tap into intuitive guidance versus your pre-programmed guidance in your brain, in your head? Jenai is also the creator of what's called The Spirit Coach Method.

When I first discovered Jenai through Mike, it was because Mike led a guided meditation at a GoBundance Mastermind that I was attending. And I’ve known Mike as this successful business achiever. And when I heard he was leading a guided meditation, I was thrown off. I go, “What? Mike leads guided meditations? Really?” I was blown away. It was one of the best-guided meditations I've ever been a part of. And I approached him afterwards and I was like, “Where did you learn that?” And that's how he told me about Jenai, her Spirit Coach Method. She teaches people how to do what she does. And as a highly sought after intuitive coach, speaker, trainer, Jenai certifies coaches in this life-altering method that helps people effortlessly co-create from spirit. And her book reveals tools. That's what I love about it. It's practical spirituality. But her book reveals tools to awaken your greatest vision, fulfillment, and really the real you.

And beyond that, she's a senior teacher at the foundation for spiritual development. She's appeared in media worldwide, an award-winning entrepreneur. She has a free course that I will actually link to in the show notes, as well as the email. It's called Out Of Your Mind Into Your Spirit Tools To Transform Fear To Love and you'll get instant access to meditations and webinars, and videos, and transformational tools that you need to whatever, heal, awaken, just navigate this challenging time. Again, she's really taught me to get out of my head, get into my heart, tap into spirit, and access wisdom that is beyond me, if you will. You're going to get a real beautiful taste of Jenai today and experience and I'm excited because I just finished this conversation with her and it was really enlightening for me to hear a lot of what she's taught me and be reminded of it and a lot of a lot of new stuff, a lot of new wisdom that I hope will be as helpful and meaningful for you as it has been for me. So, without further ado, my good friend and my coach, Jenai Lane.


Hal Elrod: Here we go. Jenai Lane, it is such a pleasure to connect with you in the space.

Jenai Lane: Thanks, Hal. It's a pleasure to be here with you.

Hal Elrod: So, as I mentioned before we started recording, I've been using the list of questions over a while back, that were just kind of thought joggers that we might discuss. I've been reading your book or I should say rereading your book, Spirit Led Instead. As I'm reading the book, I'm underlining and I’m highlighting and I've got a running list, a note on my phone of questions that just keep coming up for me that I want to ask you. And so, with this running list but with so much the experience we have working together as is your way of operating, just be spirit-led and let today's conversation go where it can go for as high as it could.

Jenai Lane: Yes, that would be wonderful.

Hal Elrod: So, let me ask you this. Let's start with you went from really being business-minded and you had a wildly successful business and appearances on national TV and then magazine articles written about you and a Woman Entrepreneur of the Year at one point, and I know that was really your focus was this business success at one point in your life. And so, my question is, how did you go from being an ultra-successful entrepreneur which, I mean, you still are but how did you go from that focus to being what you refer to as spirit-led and becoming a spiritual teacher?

Jenai Lane: Yeah. Well, on my journey with my first company that I started, I was really interested in the American dream, like many of us. I wanted to build a successful company and I wanted all the things that were told will make us happy. And I pursued all of those and I was quite successful with it. And I was sort of you could say at the top of my game in a way. I had the things that society, our culture tells us will make us happy and yet there was this deep, deep hole inside. There was something missing. There was this deep longing. There was something that wasn't fulfilled. Something was missing and it didn't make sense to me. I was confused because I kept saying, "Well, maybe it's the next thing. Maybe it's more money or maybe it's more accolades.” So, I kept striving for those things and kept achieving them. And yet there was still this hole and I didn't understand it. I knew something was missing and I had to find it, being a kind of seeker of truth.

And so, that thing that was missing, all the things that I was achieving were a lot of ego gratification, but what was missing was really my heart and soul. And it's not that my heart and soul wasn't into what I was doing because what I was doing was very interesting to me and creative and all of those things. I had a consumer products company, so I would come up with different innovative products and sell those nationally and internationally. And then the best part about my company was that I would tie it into nonprofits. So, it was a socially responsible company so we would raise money and awareness for certain nonprofits. And this is before not many companies were doing this. So, that was very rewarding, being able to raise quite a bit of money for different nonprofits and visibility. So, there was that part of my heart that was in it but there was something that I was recognizing as I was moving down this path and it was really interesting.

Because I was a consumer products company, I would get these downloads for new innovative products and they would only come in two places. I would call this like my genius moments and it was funny, and those two places were when I was sleeping or in the shower. I thought, "Well, what's the common denominator with these two things? You know, why is it happening?” Because in the middle of the night I get this down and then I write it down or I’d be in the shower and all of a sudden, oh, boom, there it would come. I thought, “Wait a minute, these are the only two places where my mind is off. I’m not thinking. I'm in a totally relaxed state and I'm outside of my mind.” And I realized that was not only the goal to genius, to innovation, to creativity, but also to peace, and to love and to compassion, and to deep wisdom and truth. And that's what I was missing in my life. That's what I was missing. Those moments would happen fleetingly and they were rare. I recognize, "Oh, that's what I needed more of,” and that really put me on a path to explore this.

It was like this little, little light that I kind of saw, but it would go away and I would be like, “Where is it? Where is it?” And when I actually decided, "Okay, I need to pursue this. There's something here that is really important.” I've always been really interested in geniuses and people who are prolific and prophets and sages and mystics. And I thought, "Well, what are all these people have in common that I really admire?” And there was this through line of this, I would call it spirit or wholeheartedness, or this ability to go within and source something that is beyond mind, and then to utilize that to bring it into the world. So, I decided to really leave, walk away, leave all that behind, and most people thought I was pretty crazy to do but I traveled all over the world and I sat with people, enlightened masters and people who I thought were a lot wiser than I was and I started off asking really the wrong question, which is what should I do with my life? Because I thought I was doing the wrong thing with my life.

But it wasn't the thing that I was doing that was a problem. It was who I was being. I needed to be connected to that highest, wisest part of myself, which is spirit, which is we could call it the high spiritual heart, that divinity that lives in every single one of us. And so, when I started to touch that through experience, not through books or not intellectually, but through my own experience, things began to really, really change in my life. And it really started with a spiritual practice. And that's one of the things that I feel is very important to share and teach with people, which is a daily consistent spiritual practice. And after about a year of really committing to that because I had dabbled in and out of it for years, things changed dramatically in my life, because not being so much because of what I was doing but who I started to be. Because who I started to be was resonating with my spirit or essence, my true self, and that's kind of like an attractor factor. It's like a tuning fork. Once you start taking that tuning fork and hitting it, you start attracting that kind of harmony into your life, the situations, and the people and all of the things, it's very fulfilling.

We'll never feel that sense of deep, deep fulfillment until we reveal, until we learn to be who we truly are. And really, that's the only goal here on this earth school that we're all in. That's the only goal. Because when we're doing that, guess what happens? We end up giving our contribution that only we can give. We end up serving in our highest capacity. We end up feeling fulfilled because we're actualizing that in the world.

Hal Elrod: How many years ago did you make this transition or when did it start?

Jenai Lane: I would say probably about 20 years ago.

Hal Elrod: Wow. So, even the work you're doing now or, obviously, your work is always evolving, but the spiritual work, shifting more from businesses to spirituality and kind of combining the two, it's been over 20 years.

Jenai Lane: Yeah.

Hal Elrod: Well, you mentioned something earlier, which is why it's so important to have a spiritual practice. And so, I want to ask you how you define that. How do you define a spiritual practice? Why is it beneficial for somebody?

Jenai Lane: Yeah. A spiritual practice is really a practice to illuminate the spirit within, the divine within, the highest, wisest part. And there are different ways and there's all kinds of different practical practices or ways in. The kinds that I teach are very specific and I'll tell you why, because I had tried so many different forms of meditation. Meditation is a big part of spiritual practice and I never thought that meditation was for me. And the reason was is I was actually practicing the wrong forms of meditation. So, I was doing a lot of meditation where a lot of like Zen meditation, a lot of traditional meditation where you go in and you're supposed to just quiet the mind and it's supposed to just happen. But I always found that because I was always a very kind of type A and always creating, thinking, kind of person that when I'd sit down and try to do that, it didn't work for me and I always felt like I failed because my mind would just go off and I didn't know how to turn it off. That was a problem.

And so, then I discovered through a series of you could say asking the divine, asking the source basically this question that changed my life, which is, how can I serve? How can I serve? So, by asking this question, I started asking, “How can I serve? How can I serve?” I started receiving a method, a methodology. I didn't know that's what I was receiving but literally, I couldn't stop writing for a year. I didn't know what it was. I thought it was a book. Well, it turns out it was a method and it was a method of how to align with spirit. And the method was a method that you could call it active meditation. And by active meditation, it means that you give the mind something to do to engage it until it lets go. So, a lot of the practices that came through me, I didn't start teaching right away. These were all brought through to help me actually and the guidance that I received was you need to do this for yourself before you share this with others.

And of course, that's what I did and it was very effective and then I was curious to see would this be effective with others? So, then I started sharing it over these many years, many years. It is a very, very effective way to help people that feel like they failed at meditation or can't do it to really help them to meditate in a way that allows the mind to come with us, to get on board, and to have something to do until it can release. So, the spiritual practice going back to your initial question, spiritual practice, one of the most important things about it, I think, is that we have to have our heart in it. And it's in the Hindu tradition. It's called the Bhakti path, the path of devotion. And the path of devotion means the path of the heart. When we bring our heart to something, it changes that thing into something spectacular. If we leave it out, and it just becomes this sort of rote method that we're following, we're not going to get what we want out of it because the heart has to be there.

So, in designing the spiritual practice, when I'm working with my clients, I bring that piece in so that people, they want to show up every day for their practice that it opens their heart. It makes them feel that kind of juicy, delicious connection to something greater. And so, there's ways of weaving in different practices, different ways into the divine, to source, to the divine within. And so, designing a practice is probably the most important thing that someone could do because if we're not doing it in a way that is resonant, then it's kind of an exercise that isn't going to get us a lot. It's not going to be so fruitful.

Hal Elrod: What do you mean so they’re not as resonant?

Jenai Lane: So, resonant with our hearts. You know what I mean? You know how when you do something and your heart just expands, and you're like, “Yeah, that's it.” You feel it. So, our spiritual practices have to be a felt sense. If it's just an intellectual exercise, it's not really enough to transform us or change us. We have to bring the heart into it. This is really, really important.

Hal Elrod: Yeah. You talk about, I think, it's chapter one of Spirit Led Instead, why it's so important to be out of your mind to access your greatness. I think that's everything you're talking about right now, from the transition you made, realizing that, "Yeah, it's when I'm in the shower or when I'm sleeping that I have my most brilliant insights.” And they're not where I'm using my conscious mind to power my way through a problem. So, in terms of why is it important, is there anything to add on to that? Why is it important for all of us to be out of our mind in order to access our greatness? And obviously, the spiritual practice that you're talking about, we might dive more into that in a minute but helps you to be out of your mind but why is that important?

Jenai Lane: Yeah. It's really critical. It's the most critical thing. When we're in the vehicle of the mind, we're in the construct of our egoic identity. We're not in present time. So, we're in a thought about ourselves or a thought about something from the past or the future and we're not actually here and here in present time and present moment is worth everything we want. So, being out of our mind is not only when I say that people laugh because they're like, I don't want to be crazy but being out of our mind is actually the key to knowing ourselves, knowing our true self to be stationed in essence. We don't realize it because we're really taught to stay in that vehicle. You know, I see energy and most people live from the neck up. If you start paying attention, you'll feel it in yourself. You'll feel this where your energy resides is just in your head because that's where we're spending all of our time. But when we drop down deeper and what I call the high spiritual heart, which is the doorway to spirit, when we drop down deeper, you can feel it. It's a real felt sense.

We feel more embodied, we feel more in our body, we feel more grounded, more rooted. We feel calmer and more peaceful. The mind is kind of a dangerous place to hang out because it's full of judgment, self-judgment, and judgment of others. We think we need judgment to survive, but we don't. Judgment is something that keeps us separate from our true self and from others. And what we do need though is discernment. Discernment is the ability to discern what is true and what is not, what is aligned, and what is not, and that comes from a deeper place. So, you can even try it right now with me, Hal. It's kind of a fun experiment because…

Hal Elrod: I like experiments.

Jenai Lane: Yeah. Because really to experience it as I understand it, so you can just as we're having this conversation and you're listening, you can kind of feel the energy in your head. You can feel it. If you just start paying attention to say, “Well, where is my energy located right now?” and you're just noticing it, that's normal. When we're in conversation, when we're reading, when we're listening, any kind of analytical activity, we're going to be here, but what we don't realize is when we stopped doing those activities, we remain here. So, we could be in the car, right? And we drive from point A to point B, and we haven't seen anything on the way because we're in our thoughts about the conversation we had yesterday or we're judging ourselves for something that we did 10 years ago. And so, we're not present, we're not fully present. So, one way to bring yourself back is if you just touch, you take one hand and touch what I call your high heart, and it's just like where your sternum is, that little part that sticks out. And you just place your hand there.

This is a really fun kind of silly thing but imagine that instead of your nose being on your face, your nose is right there where your hand is, and you're breathing into that point. And you're just taking some deep breaths and to that point, and you breathe in right into that point, and you breathe out. And you start noticing as you're breathing in and out that your energy is dropping down into this area, so it's dropping down out of the head into the heart. And as you drop down into the heart, now the beauty of the heart is this is where that innate pieces and this is really important right now to be able to source peace because it's few and far between in the outer world, but we have this kind of peace that's innate in us and it's not dependent on things working or not working. It's just already there. And as you're breathing in, you can imagine that peace is coming in and as you exhale, whatever, is not peaceful is going out. This is what I call the Bringing In Peace And Releasing What Isn't technique. And it just allows you to kind of settle into this centered, clear, and connected space. Now, can you feel that? Can you feel the difference between residing in the head and the heart? What do you notice about that, Hal?

Hal Elrod: Well, what's interesting, Jenai, and you nor anyone listening probably knew this, but when we started talking, I had a lot of pent up energy around just things that happened earlier today and what's going on this afternoon and I was in my head. And it wasn't until the last minute or two that you just led me through this that I completely let go of all of that kind of stressful energy. I'm so thankful because now I have my hands on my heart. I'm breathing in there. I love the visual of the nose on the heart. Really helpful. Really, you feel the breath so much more. So, yeah, so now I feel really calm and really centered, and really peaceful, and out of my head, which is beautiful.

Jenai Lane: Yeah. And this is the place really where we want to be because it's where our genius is, where we can access the wisdom and the truth. Life is a series of choices and how do we discern those choices? And a lot of times we're in our head about what we make our list or this or that but the thing is, we have this internal GPS system. We could call it the God Positioning System and it knows go left or right. It knows. There's something in us that knows and it's undeniable. We call it intuition and I think it's our most underused and underrated asset because it is our GPS system. And we need that GPS system to navigate life to its highest and best and that is really different for each person. You know, if we look outside for our measures of success, we might achieve those from an external sense like I did, but it won't be fulfilling because it's not measuring up against your own heart and spirit. That was my journey. That's what I learned. That was one of my big, big lessons in this lifetime.

And that's why I share this message so people don't go through it their entire lives. A lot of people get to the end of their lives and there’s a lot of regret and it has more to do with probably one thing and that thing is really love. Did I love? Did I give love? Did I receive love? Did I express my true self? These are the things that are most important when we're leaving this world and they've studied this. This is how we know. And so, why don't we take that information and start living different now? Because it changes our own life, but it also serves the whole. It serves humanity when we do that. Because what I found in the thousands of people I've worked with in these many years is, I found I work with a lot of very, very successful people that are in their heads a lot, what I find is when I get them linked up to their heart soul, their heart spirit is it's king busters because all of a sudden, they're serving in an entirely new way. They give the gifts that they came to give to this world and that makes the world a better place, which feels really good, right?

And it's a beautiful thing for me as a facilitator. It is my greatest joy to see this happen. I'll give you an example of someone that had extreme success. When he came to me, he knew there was something missing, but he didn't know what it was. He was kind of a tough guy, kind of a guy that everybody looked up to because he was quite a major business success. But we started working together. I started teaching him spiritual practice. He started really seeing the value of it just because he could see he was so much more productive in his days when he was doing his practice and things like that. But what was even more important than that was he dropped into this new vision for his life that he had no idea existed and his vision was so out of his realm of what was normal. And this vision came to him when we were doing a meditation and the vision was he saw all these children and he was teaching these children about peace, what peace is, and how to create it. Now, this was not something that was in his world at all. It was way out of left field.

And he thought, "Well, this is weird,” but he knew there was something resonant there. Well, he actually started working with this vision more and more. And over the years, it developed and it developed into an actual program, where he started bringing peace education into the public school system in his city into every public school system and changed his community. When you drive into his city, on the sign it says, "We are a child-honoring community,” and that came from the wisdom of his heart, the wisdom of his soul. And it was hidden. He didn't even know it was there. And even when it came up, it was like what? But this is what happens. It was very, very rewarding for him and it also contributed, and he's become a model to other cities across the nation. So, I feel that every single one of us has that greatness in us. We're all visionaries. We all are. We just have to learn to source it. That's it.

Hal Elrod: Now, I love this and I've experienced it firsthand, having worked with you for I think probably over a year now. And so, to kind of bring all of this together, you've talked about why being out of your mind to access your greatness is so important, tapping into that higher intelligence, divinity, higher consciousness, God, universal source energy, etcetera, whatever one might call it, whatever label they might put on it but tapping into your high spiritual heart as you often refer to it, why that's so important to access our intuition, to get that guidance that will lead us to our highest self, allow our higher self to emerge and create the life experience, the life that we really want, all of these things. And you mentioned early on that, arguably, the most important component of this is that we've got a spiritual practice that we do every day so that we can tap into and nurture our high spiritual heart. Obviously, the Miracle Morning is a daily morning spiritual practice that I've taught for many years.

You have a specific what you call the three Cs and actually, I do these. I don't do them every day but I do integrate them into my Miracle Morning very often including this morning and it was a beautiful experience this morning. So, it's the centering, clearing, the connecting. This is your five-minute spiritual practice that you taught me and you've taught hundreds, thousands of other people. So, I think that would be a really cool way to end on a very high note is to share that with our listeners, if you're up for that.

Jenai Lane: Yeah. That would be great. Yeah, the three Cs. They're so simple and so easy to do and often the publicity in our practice can really lead to great things. So, let me take you through the three Cs, center, clear, and connected. Here's what I say about when you're going to try something new. My suggestion would be, just show up 100%. Be a scientist in your own life. Try it for at least three weeks before you throw it out because a lot of times, it doesn't stick right away. Sometimes in the beginning, we struggle a little bit or we're not feeling it. So, just keep doing it. And then if it doesn't work, feel free to throw it out. But really give it your all first. I like to always approach things with a beginner's mind because when we have that beginner's mind, we don't have any assumptions about it. Maybe we've been practicing for years and years and years. And we say, “Well, yeah, been there, done that.” Well, if we show up that way, we're not going to really get what we need out of it. So, beginner's mind show up 100%, be a scientist in your own life.

All right, so the first C, centered. Now, we're going to use our mind and we're going to use visualization and imagination because we're going to take our mind with us or our mind design board. We're giving our mind something to do so it doesn't distract until it lets go and relax us. So, first thing you're going to do for centered is you're just going to imagine a tree like your favorite tree, a sturdy, big beautiful tree. I like to imagine redwoods because I live in Northern California. We have these redwoods here. You could just drive a truck through. They’re so ancient and old and beautiful. So, imagine that tree, the trunk of the tree, and it's just surrounding you, especially all the way up to the heart area. So, your sternum and you really feel it. You really feel the trunk of that tree and it's surrounding you. It's like someone has your back. You can lean back. You can relax. You’re held. And this is really important. What I love about these old trees is, hey, they've been here long before I have been here and they'll be here long after.

And trees are part of nature and so is our body. We need to be connected to nature. So, that's why we feel so good when we're out in the woods or at the beach because it really heals us. So, as we visualize this tree holding us, holding our heart, there's a beautiful white light in the center. And we can feel the tree going down, down, and it's going down through our whole lower body into the earth. And deep down at the center of the earth, there is a beautiful crystal. It's like the heart of Mother Earth. It's like this beautiful crystal and our roots of our tree are going down, sinking down into that deep, rich soil. And it's going all the way down into the heart of Mother Earth. And as it goes down, our roots go into that heart of Mother Earth, into that sustenance, that beautiful nurturing energy and we can draw up that energy into our bodies. We could feel it so our heart and the heart of Mother Earth can be one heart. And you think about this great planet that we're on that supports all of life, what a miracle that is, and that we too are supported. We too are connected and supported. And you can feel that connection. You could feel that rootedness as you feel yourself more and more centered and anchored in this tree.

Now, this tree is quite flexible just like trees are and the wind, but it's solid. It's holding you. And you feel that centeredness. You can sort of feel it. That's the important thing is to really tune into the subtle shifts and these embodied states that happen. And then we're going to move to the second C which is clear. And this is clearing our energy field because we are energy. So, when you touch again, your high heart there, there is this light in there. It's almost like you could think of it as a diamond that's sparkling, and it begins to expand or grow, forming this beautiful white light around you, beautiful white light and it's starting to expand. So, it's growing five feet above you, behind you, below you, in front of you. And it's forming a seal of brilliant white light. And it's very soothing and calming for the body, very protective. It's like you're creating your own weather. So, whatever is happening outside, you are creating the highest and best, most beautiful you could say spring day inside. And that's the beauty. That's the beauty.

We have choice over our inner dominion, not so much over our outer but our inner we do. Now, we can create this inner radiance by creating this clear, clear beautiful space inside, this beautiful white light. And then as we move to the third scene, this is connected. This is about connected to something greater, whatever we call it, source, the divine, God. And we can see a beautiful golden light and it's just coming down. It's just flowing down like a waterfall. And sometimes this waterfall is gentle and sometimes it's very strong, depending on what we need. And the good news is that this light has a divine intelligence. It knows what we need. And so, we just welcome it in. We just allow its brilliant golden light flooding down, flooding down, connecting us to that something greater as it moves into our head, neck, and shoulders, floods our heart with this brilliance flowing through our arms and legs, down our tree trunk, our grounding cord all the way into the earth. Just gently releasing what isn't fruitful, what we don't need, and filling us with this connection to essence, to source, this connection to that something greater, for we are one with it. This is our ability to co-create that oneness to choose it. And we just fill up and we take this throughout our day.

These three Cs are something that we can utilize not just in meditation for five minutes, but we can draw this throughout our day. The more we practice this, cumulatively, the easier it is to, at a moment's notice, like snapping our fingers 1, 2, 3, we become centered, clear, and connected. And think about what that would mean for our lives. We're walking through the world this way. Not only are we centered, clear, and connected, but we're sending this out so others can choose it too. We become a healing force for others just walking through the world. So, every time we sit down to do our practice, one of the things that that I always say to myself is not only am I doing this for my own benefit, but I'm doing it for the benefit of others. And that really motivates me. That inspires me actually. Because I'm inspired by service. I think many people are. So, what are you noticing, Hal, as you're doing this with me?

Hal Elrod: So, for me, I think I noticed the opposite, which is instead of being centered, clear, and, sorry, what's the third one? I'm drawing a little…

Jenai Lane: Connected.

Hal Elrod: Connected. I think that most people are scattered, unclear, and disconnected. Right? Like that's kind of where our state of being. It's definitely not optimum. We're not able to show up in the best version of ourselves when we are scattered, unclear, and disconnected. And so, this practice for me has been not just something I do in the morning to get centered, clear, and connected but at any time throughout the day when I feel any one of those as I've practiced those. And at first, I told you when I first started I'm like, "Ah, the oak tree or the picturing of the tree like that doesn't really, my brain fights that, that's so not real for me,” but it's like anything, anything new is uncomfortable, feels awkward. You don't always resonate on day one and I just stopped doing it and then now it's like, it's an anchor, it's automatic, that vision of that tree, that vision of that white light, that bubble, the vision of the light coming down like all of those instantly move me into either of those three states if I do them separately or typically I do it all together.

But I will use often throughout the day like if I'm in a situation where I'm having any conflict with another person or anything, any energy even like the news like the global pandemic we're facing. I'll use the second component, the second C to get clear and imagine that white light and now it's just kind of a forcefield keeping your energy away and only letting in the positive energy. So, it's like these tools can be used in separately and work together. So, yeah, it's been really, really helpful for me. And you said something that I want to just echo which is the message I've been talking about for the last month or two kind of the central messages, look, there's a lot going on in the world that we can't control. In fact, most of what goes on in the world, if not all of it, it's out of our control. It's out there in the world. And the only real thing that we have, the only place we can find our certainty, our pieces is within and that we can become this beacon of light and hope and joy and enthusiasm, unconditionally. Like we can choose. It doesn't matter what's going on around me.

Every day I set up or I wake up, I'm intentional. I have a spiritual practice, I get centered, I get clear, I get connected. And I set my intention which you talk beautifully about intention, but I set my intention and I go out in the day and every person I come in contact with is better because of who I bring to the world. And so, yeah, you've given me that gift, and so many more. So, I'm so grateful for that.

Jenai Lane: Beautiful. I love how you stated that. Yeah, it is so true that who we’re being really makes a difference to others to those people we come in contact with. And now more than ever I think we've never really had control. I mean, we had the illusion of control but now we really get to see. I think that's the gift coming out of this global pandemic. That's the real gift that I hope people are seizing the opportunity that we don't have control. But we do have choice over in our dominion, what's going on within us. And when we strengthen that and build that, we can become a healing force on the planet and for others, which is what's needed right now. We need to rethink some of the ways that we do things here on this great earth plane in many ways, how we treat the earth, how we treat others. These things are all things that change when we become connected to our true nature because our true nature is loving and compassionate and wise and recognizes our innate oneness with all things.

Hal Elrod: Yeah. And I think it's really empowering to realize that, “Oh, all the things that stressed me out every day, they don't have to.”

Jenai Lane: Yes, that's right.

Hal Elrod: I’m allowing centering, clearing, and connecting, right? I'm allowing it.

Jenai Lane: Yeah. Well, absolutely and also the pandemic and what's happening, it's so extreme that you realize all the things you were stressing out about previously, really are not. They're so small in comparison. And so, then you have to ask yourself, okay, well wait a minute here. I actually do have choice. There is a choice about how I respond to whatever is happening. And that's probably my only choice. That's real. That's actually real. And when we start responding differently, we actually start changing outcomes. That's the beauty.

Hal Elrod: Well said. Well, Jenai, I could talk with you all day. I know I've got a bit of a time constraint but I'd love to have you back on because we've only scratched the surface of the wisdom that I know that you have to share. So, yeah, if you're up for it, let's tentatively plan on doing this again.

Jenai Lane: Yeah. I love to. Happy to.

Hal Elrod: Cool, cool, cool. Well, I really, really, really, really appreciate you for personally just the impact you've had in my life and continue to have. I review our coaching notes. It's actually part of my Miracle Morning is to go back and read part of our coaching notes all the time. And just because you have so much wisdom within. So, goal achievers, thank you for tuning in today. I told you in the beginning when I introduced Jenai, that she operates from a different place than most people. It's a place of spirit and I hope that that encouraged you, invited you to consider that, that there is another dimension beyond the mind for us to tap into, and for us to gain wisdom and gain clarity and gain guidance from that and be spirit-led instead. And of course, that is her book, Spirit Led Instead: The Little Tool Book of Limitless Transformation. You can get it on Amazon in multiple formats. And, goal achievers, I love you, I appreciate you, and I look forward to talking to you next week. Take care, everybody.


Hal Elrod: Goal achievers, that was fun talking to Jenai. I love Jenai. I really meant what I said there about I could keep talking to her. I wish I did not have that time constraint but I had. Got to have her back on. I also wanted to mention that you can find her at And you can actually sign up there for a free discovery session to see if spirit coaching is right for you or you can purchase her book, Spirit Led Instead on Amazon. I think I mentioned that during the podcast. On her website, you can find out about upcoming online courses, retreats, online free events. She offers a lot of different resources and value for people. And as I mentioned earlier, my good friend Mike McCarthy, who interestingly enough, I'm going to go have dinner with, in a few minutes, Mike is the one that introduced me to Jenai. And remember, he'd been coached with her for - I still need to get if it's like nine years or 11 years or 13 years. It's a lot of years, like roughly a decade, give or take a few years. She has been Mike’s spirit coach and she's been mine for about a year. So, highly recommend checking out her website, And until next week, enjoy yourself. I love you. I'll talk to you soon.[END]

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