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Hal Elrod

Last week, my good friend Mike Dillard sent out an email where he analyzed the tumultuous events happening across the world right now. As war broke out between Russia and Ukraine, he wrote powerfully about how we got here, the breakdown of our supply chains, and he shared 10 Ways We Can Prepare for What’s Coming.

Today, I’m reading Mike’s email, from top to bottom, and sharing my commentary along the way. While some of these topics are controversial, possibly scary, and very concerning, my goal is to uplift you and make you feel more empowered by giving you steps you can take now to be prepared for whatever may come our way.

Mike’s writing can feel intense at times and may seem like a departure from the usual tone of this podcast, but it comes from a place of love, care, and concern. I consider all of us to be family, and like any family, I believe we should look out for each other. Even if everything in this episode doesn’t resonate with you, my hope is that you find at least a few significant take-aways that add value to your life.


  • Why shortages in farming supplies, paper, plastic, and virtually everything else are all but guaranteed to impact our lives.
  • What you can do to ensure you’ll have access to food, clean water, and backup power–and be able to protect yourself–in the event of a full-on attack on our resources and infrastructure.
  • Why there’s no reason to stop living and enjoying your life right now.
  • Why now’s a great time to create as many sources of passive income as possible.

“10 Ways You Can Prepare” by Mike Dillard

1: Make a plan and tell your family. If and when the power goes out and communications go down, you will not be able to communicate. You need to discuss that plan now ahead of time. Who’s picking up the kids? Where are you meeting? Does everyone know how to get there without access to Google Maps or electronic navigation tools?

2: Get a Berkey water filtration system. Buy the largest size you can afford. Every aspect of your life depends on access to clean water. www.berkeyfilters.com.

3: Buy a solar power station to provide you with backup power. I use the ones from www.Jackery.com. If you are insulin dependent, purchase a mobile refrigerator from www.Dometic.com. This will keep your medications safe and can be powered by the Jackery.

4: If you don’t own a firearm and ammunition yet, go get them and take some lessons at your local range.

5: Stock up on rechargeable batteries, medications, extra fuel, cash, and propane tanks. Be prepared to survive below-freezing temperatures if you lose access to power.

6: Head to www.MountainHouse.com and load up on freeze-dried foods while they still have them. The 1 Year Supply option has been sold out for months.

7: Buy a second freezer (if you can find one), and stock it. As of last month, every major store including Best Buy, Lowes, and Home Depot were sold out nationwide. The only place I was still able to find one was on Amazon.

8: If you have a yard, buy the seeds, soil, and tools you need to grow your own food. We have just started the construction of a 1,000 square foot greenhouse.

9: Don’t stop living your life. We have trips to Arizona and Aspen planned over the next month. I’m building a new podcast studio, and I’m helping launch a new health related company this year.

The reason you want to prepare is so you can continue creating the life you want, knowing you’re prepared for any potential outcome.

10: And finally, make sure you have the ability to generate passive investment income no matter what’s happening around the world.

A couple of additional recommendations from Hal

11: Organic Emergency Food – For healthy (organic) emergency food options that are relatively inexpensive, I recommend stocking up on organic rice, beans, and mung beans (to sprout). I purchase mine in bulk at www.FoodToLive.com.

12: Raising Chickens – If you are allowed to have chickens on your property (which may not be allowed if your home is part of an HOA), I highly recommend looking into getting chickens! My wife and I built a chicken coop. Our chickens are 12 weeks old, and we’re looking forward to having fresh eggs this spring! Not to mention, chickens are adorable, they have fun personalities, and we’re really enjoying raising them. We ordered our chickens online at https://store.idealpoultry.com/, and if you, like us, have never raised chickens, I recommend starting with this book: The Beginner’s Guide to Raising Chickens: How to Raise a Happy Backyard Flock.


Organifi makes the highest quality nutritional products, which are made from whole food ingredients (not synthetic vitamins) that I enjoy nearly every day, and have for many years. Visit Organifi.com/Hal, and use the code HAL at checkout to get 20% off of your entire order. I hope you find something there that you love! :^)


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