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374: How Can We Experience Heaven on Earth?

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"Even in the midst of pain and difficulty, we can choose to be at peace with all that we can't change and deeply grateful for all that we have."

Hal Elrod

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Okay, so I’m going to start by warning you that today’s podcast episode (and this email) might be a little more “woo-woo” than you’re used to from me. :^) 

I recorded today’s episode a few days ago, directly after I experienced one of the best Miracle Mornings of my life. I went deeper into meditation than I usually do, opening myself up to a message I felt I needed to receive, and got back something more direct, specific, and experiential than I expected.

I felt like I was given the secret to accessing heaven on earth. And after I finished my meditation, I went out and lived it. I was able to look at myself with unconditional love, see the perfection in each moment, and be present to what came to me as the holy trinity of miracles: body + planet + spirit.

I told you today’s a little woo-woo. :^) 

In this episode, I encourage you to ask yourself, “What is heaven on Earth, and how can I experience it?” I also share a perspective I had as to what constitutes heaven on earth might be like, and why it may just be available to us at all times.


  • The holy trinity of miracles
  • Why the human race was given everything we need to experience heaven on earth (and how we might have messed it up) 
  • How meditation can help us connect and communicate with a higher consciousness
  • Why life is a buffet of ideas, concepts, principles, and practices – and how to find what works best for you
  • How to work on loving yourself, being yourself, and living freely
  • Why unlearning everything gives us the power to be truly present


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