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398: What Matters Most for ALL of Us?

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“If we fear the unknown, there's no need to fear any of it. The fear is a waste. It's a misuse of your imagination. It's a misuse of your emotional abilities to live in fear over something.”

Hal Elrod

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As individuals, it is our ability to live in alignment with our values that determines our level of fulfillment. No matter what you value — health, family, freedom, safety, contribution etc. — when your thoughts, words, and actions are in alignment with what you value most, you are living a fulfilled life. 

But are their shared values that matter most for ALL of us?

That’s ultimately up to you to decide, but I believe there are values that are crucial for all of us, both to thrive as individuals and as a society. Today we explore what those values are, and we can better live in alignment with them so that we can ALL experience higher levels of fulfillment.


●       A detailed addition to last week’s episode on “How to Be Fearless.”

●      The difference between what matters most for us individually and collectively.

●      Why HEALTH is a core value for all of us.

●      What my highest values are and why.

●      How healthcare systems can save our lives while simultaneously being driven by ulterior motives that we should be weary of.

●       What I do every day to choose happiness and inner freedom.


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