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333: My Hour-by-Hour Miracle Morning & Daily Schedule

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"You can live your life being fully present so that things are no longer a means to an end.”

Hal Elrod

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Each week, I receive hundreds of emails from members of our community, asking me all types of questions – some of which are pretty unexpected, but I’ll leave those for another episode. :^)

One of the most popular types of questions that I get revolves around how I schedule my day, and structure my Miracle Morning. Today, I want to take some time to really answer this question.

Right now, my SAVERS take about 90 minutes – 30 minutes for myself, 30 minutes for my family, and 30 minutes for my mission/ business. This may sound like a lot, but it’s completely doable with the structure.

If you’re wondering how I plan my day, how I’m currently practicing my SAVERS, what I eat, and how I use my time in service of my family and my mission, this episode breaks down each step along the way.


  • Why I stopped using an alarm clock – and how to reliably program your body to wake up naturally.
  • The steps I’m taking for my health to ensure that I stay cancer-free.
  • What my SAVERS look like right now.
  • Why I keep my schedule on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday completely flexible and only take meetings and record podcasts on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • How my schedule allows me to build my business on my terms and make real time for my family.


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