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389: Random but Important Ideas to Enhance Your Life NOW

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When something goes wrong, you could say, ‘This is the worst thing ever,’ or you could say, ‘this is the greatest opportunity for growth I’ve ever had, and I’m grateful to grow.”

Hal Elrod

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Today’s episode of the podcast is going to cover three somewhat random and unrelated (yet very important) topics. I’m talking about: 

  • Four profound lessons learned from the BEST vacation of my life – and how you can immediately apply them to enhance your daily life. 
  • Major disruptions in our food supply chain and how to prepare for the very realistic possibility of coming food shortages. 
  • Why the book I’m reading right now is SO good that it may have led me to stop writing my newest book. 

Why these topics? In short, they all tie back to health, safety, freedom, and happiness. 

In this discussion, you’ll learn how to reverse engineer the best vacation of your life, concrete steps you can take to ensure that you and your loved ones will have access to food in the future, and when it might be right to rethink your creative work, change your approach, and even set a project aside—no matter how much time you’ve invested in it.


  • Four guiding principles to have the best vacation ever, no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing—and how you can apply these lessons to any area of your life. 
  • What ways could you add value to your loved one’s life in a really simple but meaningful way?
  • Learn what I eat for energy and why I’m so intentional about the foods I consume. 
  • Why you have the power to choose your perspective and interpret life however you want. 
  • Why food prices are skyrocketing in America right now.
  • How I’ve been preparing for potential food emergencies without becoming a prepper.

Why The Inner Work has had such a huge impact on me—and how to make sense of when other people appear to have received the same message from the universe that you have.


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