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404: How to Forgive Yourself and Others

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“We have to realize it's not them who you're giving your forgiveness to. Forgiveness is something that we do for ourselves.”

Hal Elrod

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We are all carrying some level of guilt, shame, or regret. We’ve all done things that aren’t in alignment with our values, or that we’d do differently now if given the opportunity.

We also carry some degree of hurt, anger, or resentment toward people who we believe wronged us.

What would life be like to live completely free from ALL this emotional turmoil? How can we release ourselves from the weight of those experiences that cause us pain? What can we do to stop reopening old wounds and triggering past traumas?

Today’s episode is all about forgiveness. It’s about forgiving yourself for the mistakes you’ve made in your own life, as well as for the hurt other people have caused you. In this conversation, I want to show you what it means to truly be forgiving, dissolve the emotional links holding you back, and face the world with a cleaner slate than ever before.


  • Why our past traumas can so easily haunt us, trigger us, and make us viscerally uncomfortable for years or even decades.
  • Why forgiveness is something we do for ourselves–not something that other people give us.
  • What makes regret a powerful teaching tool–and the benefits of making mistakes.
  • Why beating yourself up over things you’ve done in the past is all but valueless.
  • How to unlock the transcendent power of unconditional forgiveness.
  • Simple steps you can take right now to begin forgiving yourself.


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