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387: How to Commit to Your Mission in Life

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It's time to learn how to focus on what matters most to you so you can start experiencing more of what really matters.

Hal Elrod

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Do you ever struggle with prioritizing your goals and figuring out which one deserves the most attention? Does that lack of clarity ever cause you to procrastinate or feel like you’re not being as productive as you should be? 

In today’s podcast, I’m going to help you to overcome these common struggles by sharing Chapter 6 from my latest book/audiobook, The Miracle Equation, in its entirety. The chapter is titled “Your Mission: It’s Time to Get Clear About Your Top Priority.”

If you want to learn how to identify the single most important priority in your life, commit to one singular mission, and achieve your biggest goals and dreams, this episode is for you!


  • How identifying your “mission” can enable you to achieve ALL of your goals. 
  • Understanding the key difference between a goal and a mission.
  • You can’t win a gold medal in more than one activity/sport! Find out if multitasking is holding you back from achieving your biggest goals — and what to do instead! 
  • Why I was completely delusional about my priorities prior to being diagnosed with Cancer. 
  • Why the fear of going through another financial crisis (like that of 2008) prevented me from prioritizing what mattered most.
  • How I was able to overcome my addiction to work and productivity. I share the radical changes I made to my schedule so I could be fully aligned with my highest priority… family. 
  • Why it’s okay if your top priority changes over time. 
  • How to choose your mission and accomplish any goal!
  • How to achieve more in 30 days than most people do in 12 months.
  • The problem with creating long-term goals. 
  • 5 safety nets you can use to ensure you successfully accomplish your mission.


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