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382: How to Make EVERY Moment the BEST Moment of Your Life

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“The best moment of your life isn't dependent on external circumstances, it never has been. The best moment of your life is always about your inner experience. And since we have the ability to choose/create our inner experience in every moment, you literally have the power to make every moment the best moment of your life.”

Hal Elrod

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Our lives are made up of moments, and the best moments of your life are not dependent on external circumstances. They never have been. Consider that the best moments of our lives are always about our inner experience. In other words, how you feel about what you’re experiencing determines the quality of the experience. 

And while those can be influenced by external circumstances, because you can choose your inner experience in every moment, you literally have the power to make every moment the best moment of your life. 

I recently shared this concept on social media, and got some really eye-opening concerns, objections, and questions in the comments. People said things like, “I get this concept intellectually, but I don’t know how to actually implement it… I can’t figure out how to live it… I really struggle with this.” And as I tried to answer these questions individually, I realized that this.

Today, we’re exploring this idea of the best moment of your life; what it’s about, if we have the power to create and experience it, if it’s left to chance, and if it’s random. I’m answering questions related to this concept as I get ready to write my new book to make sure it’s as impactful as possible for you.


  • Why pitting external circumstances against the internal experience is key to achieving inner freedom—and why inner freedom is more important than your external circumstances.
  • How to create your inner experience during trying and emotionally painful times. 
  • The power of accepting the moment as-is to invite emotional peace, inner peace, and emotional freedom.
  • How to be an island of sanity for the people closest to you in chaotic times.
  • Ways to make any given moment the best moment of your life and live in a state of fulfillment.


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