337: How Gratitude Changes Everything with Chip Franks

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We’re living not just in a global pandemic, but a global mental health crisis. More people are struggling mentally and emotionally than possibly ever before. In fact, nearly half of Americans report the coronavirus crisis is harming their mental health, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll.

However, what can give you the power to manage your mental and emotional state, in times like these, is a strong sense of control of your inner world. Today, we talk about how GRATITUDE can be the key that unlocks the door to your inner freedom.

There are few people I know who excel when it comes to their mental and emotional well-being, like Chip Franks. Chip is a master of choosing the emotion that best serves him in any given circumstance, no matter how difficult or challenging it may be. You’re going to hear Chip talk about dropping his mom off at hospice last week, and how he’s able to remain grateful and joyful, even in the midst of losing his dear mother.

Today, Chip joins the podcast for the sixth time (not including the times he’s served as a guest host) to share insights on the power of gratitude, about the joy he feels even as he navigates the inevitable, and how we can bring those feelings into every challenge we face – and every area of our lives.


  • Why gratitude is so much more than a feeling and why it’s something we need to actively work on all the time.
  • Why complaining makes it impossible to see the positive in your life and negatively reframes reality.
  • What makes gratitude a skill that can be learned and honed – and why so many people assume that it’s merely a mindset.
  • The difference between “gratitude” and “appreciation” – and how Chip has learned to be truly grateful for things that would have crushed him earlier in life.
  • Why living in a state of gratitude is not shutting off negative emotions or ignoring sadness.
  • How to participate in Chip’s free gratitude challenge and cultivate a daily gratitude practice of your own.


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