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339: It’s Time to Make Your Dreams a Reality with Giovanni Marsico

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Understand the other person's path; where they want to go and what has meaning and fulfillment for them. Help them on that journey first before you even think about asking for anything.

Giovanni Marsico

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Do you dream of a bigger and better future? Have you ever been told to ‘get your head out of the clouds’ and ‘be more realistic’?

Well, you’re not crazy, and you’re not alone.

Every product, innovation social movement and major change in the world started off as one person’s dream – and they were called ‘crazy’ until they made their dream come true… and then they were called a ‘genius.’

The other day I was watching the brand new documentary, Dreamer created by Giovanni Marsico (which you can watch for free at, and I absolutely loved it! It was filled with incredible stories of individuals who ignored those who told them to be more realistic, and instead turned their unrealistic dreams into their reality.

I enjoyed the film so much that I immediately reached out to Giovanni and asked him to be on the podcast to share what he’s learned from spending time with some of the world’s most prolific Dreamers. He explores the patterns that he sees in people who have had the power to pursue their vision even when up against crazy resistance, friction, and people telling them it’ll never work out.

Today, Giovanni joins the podcast to share the story behind Dreamer, why there’s a real-life superhero hiding inside of all of us, and his strategies for cultivating meaningful relationships with incredible people who have already achieved what you want to.


  • Why Giovanni created the Dreamer documentary – and how he’s moving his annual Archangel Summit online this year.
  • How to take the first step after watching Dreamer to start pursuing your unique vision – and why we all have a way to impact people.
  • Why Giovanni wants to be a spark of inspiration in difficult times.
  • How Giovanni successfully cold-pitched Seth Godin to speak at his conference – and why making someone feel understood is so priceless.
  • And truly a lot more.


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