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433: Focusing on Family – How to Thrive In Marriage and Parenting with Jon Vroman

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“Know what your family stands for.”

Jon Vroman

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If you are married and have kids, today’s episode is for you.

In what has become a bit of an annual Father’s Day tradition, I’m excited to welcome my good friend Jon Vroman back to the podcast to explore these topics, although through a lens that applies to anyone who is married and has kids.

Jon is the founder of Front Row Dads, a brotherhood of 300+ men who are actively committed to leveling up as husbands and fathers.

In today’s episode, Jon and I share the tactics and strategies we’ve learned along the way to win with our own families.

You’ll hear about the best lessons Jon has learned after working with hundreds of families, the importance of living by a defined set of family values, and how to avoid becoming reactive when life gets challenging.

I also share what my Dad did when I was younger that has enabled us to have a phenomenal relationship for the past 42 years!

*Front Row Dads Masterclass Announcement*

If you are a dad and find this conversational podcast to be especially valuable, Jon and I will be hosting a Front Row Dads “masterclass” webinar on June 15th (for free), where we go into much greater detail around what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to winning at home. You can sign up to attend by visiting


  • The wake up call that Jon shares with every audience he speaks to–and why he walked away from a $10,000/event speaking career to focus on his family.
  • How Jon speaks up both to challenge and advocate for his kids when they need it.
  • Why neither Jon nor I are giving our kids cell phones any time soon–and how to set ground rules and have productive screen time with your kids.
  • Why almost every parent struggles with time management, emotional intelligence, and staying optimistic.
  • Life lessons Jon and I took from our parents–and why I have such an incredible relationship with my dad at the age of 42.


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