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329: Special Father’s Day Podcast: 3 Things Every Dad Must Know with Jon Vroman

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I am no longer going to be a businessman with a family. I am no longer going to put business first.

Hal Elrod

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Happy Father’s Day to all of my fellow fathers and your families! Today’s podcast is for you. 

Many of us dads tell ourselves that “family is our #1 priority” and yet, our schedules often tell a different story. Work and business take precedence over quality time with our families, time and time again, and this trade off can hurt our most important relationships and the impact we make for our children. 

For this special Father’s Day bonus episode, Jon Vroman, founder of Front Row Dads, and I share the 3 Things Every Dad Must Know. If you’re a parent or a parent-to-be, I’d encourage you NOT to skip this one. We dig deep into what it means to be a better husband and father, how you can upgrade your Miracle Morning, and what an unconditional commitment to your spouse and family really look like – to name just a few of the many topics we covered on this special episode.


  • The difference between being vs. doing – and how to start being selfless in how you engage with your partner and children. 
  • How my Miracle Morning has evolved to make me a better parent and partner. 
  • Ways to praise your spouse and children so that they feel loved by you. 
  • How to reframe Father’s Day to focus on the gifts you can give back to your family.
  • And much more to help you become a better husband and father!


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