Episode 98: Strategies to Create Wealth (Interview with Garrett Gunderson)

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I usually have guests who I find inspirational; the kind of people who really add value to my listeners. However, I rarely have the opportunity to host a guest who has literally changed my life. Today I’m talking to New York Times bestselling author and wealth strategist, Garrett Gunderson.

Garrett grew up surrounded by scarcity but has thrown out the rule book and created a life of abundance for himself. With a firm belief that everyone deserves to be as rich, wealthy, and abundant as they want, his ultimate mission is to guide one million entrepreneurs to financial freedom by 2020.

In this episode, you will…

  • Hear how his upbringing led to his realizations about wealth and abundance
  • Learn the 3 strategies and 3 principles for becoming financially free
  • Discover Garrett’s tips on achieving financial goals
  • Challenge your perspective on wealth management and budgeting
  • Find out radical new ways to look at “living within your means”
  • Learn how Garrett found his unique success formula-and where you can find your own

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