Episode 97: The School of Greatness (Author Interview with Lewis Howes)

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“Every negative emotion you've ever experienced, that you could ever experience, is self-created by your level of resistance to reality.”

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Like many people, today’s guest dreamed of growing up to become a professional athlete. Unlike most people, Lewis Howes actually became a professional football player.

But after an injury put him on the sidelines, he drew upon his interest in marketing and business to dream up other ways to fulfill his need for greatness and to help others to achieve their goals. Today I have the honor of speaking with author, podcaster, and webinar coach Lewis Howes.

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn about the struggles and challenges Lewis faced when he went from being a professional athlete to a successful entrepreneur
  • Hear how making connections made his career what it is today and learn how to network more effectively to uplevel your circle of influence
  • Discover the world of webinars and how they can help leverage your time, make you more money, and reach more people
  • Find out the three things that can help anyone in any field to reach their goals
  • Learn how you can cultivate a champion’s mindset
  • Understand how important (and difficult!) it is to not only find mentors but to open yourself to honest feedback from them
  • Hear how he handles the less than great moments of his life and how he manages to continue pushing forward

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