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Episode 92: How to Lose 42 lbs and Start Your Dream Business (An Interview with Tim Cornwell)

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My guest today may not be a famous best-selling author, but he has accomplished some amazing things since last year’s Best Year Ever Blueprint event. Tim Cornwell has not only managed to lose (and keep off!) forty pounds, he has branched off and started his own business, a real estate company, Bellwether Real Estate.

A husband and father of two daughters, Tim has opened his eyes to his own potential with the help of the strategies he adopted from the BYEB live event last year. Losing weight had been a goal for Tim for the last twenty years, but it wasn’t until he looked at all he wanted to accomplish and decided to make this year his best one yet that he worked hard and got the results he wanted.

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn how visualization exercises from BYEB have helped Tim in achieving his goals
  • Discover the role the law of attraction can play when building your team
  • Find out Tim’s five keys to success
  • Discover how he manages the “what if’s” and deals with the unknown
  • Learn how Tim befriended failure and how that has helped him on his journey
  • Hear his advice on how to finish the year strong

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