Episode 91: How to Quintuple Your Income (An Interview with Dana Malstaff)

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In this episode we are continuing our eight week series featuring the real, measurable results from last year’s attendees of the Best Year Ever Blueprint live event. This week we’re talking to a guest who is not only a dedicated mother and wife but a writer, speaker, coach, business and content strategist, podcaster, brainstorm facilitator and blind spot reducer, Dana Malstaff.

With Boss-Mom, Dana has created a platform for working moms to strategize ways to create more time and have less guilt while simultaneously building their families and their businesses. After attending the Best Year Ever Blueprint, Dana has launched two podcasts and tripled her monthly income.

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn how Dana achieved mind-blowing results in just one year after the BYEB live event
  • Discover a few strategies she uses to maximize her two passions: motherhood and entrepreneurship
  • Uncover the ways she brings in new clients through building her brand
  • Hear Dana’s top three keys to success
  • Find out the importance of clarifying and verbalizing goals and how it helped Dana to find community and support
  • Learn about the habits that have helped her to become so successful
  • Discover how BYEB changed her limiting beliefs about herself, allowing her to see the value in what she has to offer
  • Hear what Dana is looking forward to the most at this year’s event

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