Episode 89: Why Everyone Should Write a Book

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“How can you argue with a 3 month commitment that will have so many benefits for the rest of your life? You can’t.”

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“Every single one of us, at some level, has a responsibility to take our knowledge, our life experiences and transform them into a book that could help an infinite amount of people.”

Have you ever read a book, one that inspired you or that you couldn’t put down, and thought “I wish I could do that?” Well you can, and you SHOULD!

In today’s podcast episode, I share how I overcame my fears and self-doubt (having never considered myself a “writer”) to write my first two books, and discuss these 3 compelling reasons why everyone should do the same:

  1. Personal Branding (Why you must increase your value)
  2. Generating Passive Income (Achieve financial freedom, sooner)
  3. Leaving a Legacy (Make a lasting positive impact for your family and even change the world)

Writing your own book is a short term commitment that will generate extraordinary benefits for the rest of your life (and beyond!)

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee, or even a stay-at-home spouse; find out how you can benefit from writing a book.

And you’re closer than you think to experiencing the life-changing benefits of becoming an author.

Everyone has a story to share or advice to give; it’s time to get yours out to the people who need it! Now start writing!

“A book pays you for a lifetime in terms of benefits.”

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